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How to Embed Change in Athlete Behaviours: Mark Bennett MBE

Coaches are great influencers and should focus on the behaviours of their athletes first, before getting too immersed in the technical and the tactical, Mark advised delegates at the 2019 UK Coaching Conference


We welcomed a number of speakers onto the main stage for a series of Lightning Talks at the UK Coaching Conference in Loughborough. Each gave a quickfire 10-minute presentation. 

Mark Bennett MBE is the founder of Performance Development Services (PDS) and spoke about supporting positive change in athlete behaviours. 

A former British Commando and senior instructor within the Army Physical Training Corps, Mark said that embedding behaviours to support individual, cultural and environmental change is a process that is as challenging for the coach as it is for the player. 

His presentation is a must-watch for coaches who want their athletes to accept peer feedback, become more engaged and self-reliant, more confident in making in-play decisions, more adept at adapting and problem-solving under pressure, and generally take more ownership, responsibility and accountability.

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