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Organising and Planning Self-care and development

How to Use the ‘Art of Noticing’ in Your Coaching Practice

Insight into how you can use the ‘art of noticing’, a combination of learned skills, experiences, behaviours, and knowledge that enables you to plan and deliver great sessions, in your coaching practice

The ‘art of noticing’ goes beyond simply paying attention: it refers to the ability to observe and understand crucial changes in a participant’s approach, behaviour, and development. It’s a foundational skill, enabling you to recognise when an activity needs to be adjusted to meet an individual or group’s needs to achieve success or to increase the challenge and motivation.

It also refers to the ability to understand the implications of an adjustment or ‘tweak’ and the impact this may have on the session, individuals, and the outcome of the session.

Have a go

Watch the coaching session videos* below. What do you notice?  Does anything surprise you? How does the session compare to what you expected? If you were at the session, what would pique your curiosity to ask the coach about to know more?


*Three coaches kindly agreed to have their coaching sessions recorded, with no editing, retakes, or adjustments, providing a window into their coaching, practice, and sessions.

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