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Talking Talent: Developing Mental Toughness (Part 2)

Dr Lee Crust, a sport psychologist from the University of Lincoln, provides an overview to the topic of mental toughness

UK Coaching was formerly known as Sports Coach UK. We changed our name after expanding our support as an organisation. We’re now taking it wider than traditional sports because great coaching goes much, much further.

Taken from a mental toughness conference in June 2016 Dr Crust: 

  • highlights that there is no recipe or menu to create mental toughness.
  • draws on his own research and rich anecdotes from his current work with elite level mountaineers, to highlight definitions of mental toughness, illustrating where it comes from and why it is important in human performance.
  • highlights how you can use improve mental toughness by using mental skills training, working with parents, challenging and supporting athletes and encouraging reflection. 
  • offers a critical view, foregrounding the dark side of mental toughness as a cautionary tale for coaches seeking mentally tough athletes. 

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