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Self-care and development

Talking Talent: Leadership

Former Head of Performance of the ECB Women’s Cricket Team Paul Shaw shares his thoughts, experiences and insight on leadership

Former Head of Performance of the ECB Women’s Cricket Team Paul highlights the importance of and connectivity between the overarching plan, culture and environments. This enables people to grow and develop to become the best version of themselves.

Key messages:

  • Outstanding people make an outstanding difference.
  • Role models and people that shape your development are crucial.
  • It’s important to take on challenges and to grow and develop through the challenges.
  • You must live your values.
  • Understanding yourself enables you to regulate and manage yourself during challenges.
  • It’s important to create a shared understanding of behaviours, staff and players.
  • Leadership and responsibility rest with the playing staff
  • Make time, ask questions, and take opportunities to have coaching conversations.
  • Create opportunities for everyone to contribute, share ideas and have thoughts.

What does the future look like? What could it look like? What does it need to look like?"


Take a moment to think about the messages and insight that Paul has shared.  What really resonated with you? Which aspects will you have a follow-up conversation on with your coaching colleagues? Is there anything you will explore further?


Have a go

Hi Five!

Draw a hand on the page. Write down one thing you will consider from Paul’s conversation in each of your fingers.


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