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UK Coaching Talent and Performance
Talent and Performance

Talking Talent: Selection for the Big Event

Emma Mitchell from the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and GB Hockey shares her insights on selection and the management of players during this team transition

UK Coaching was formerly known as Sports Coach UK. We changed our name after expanding our support as an organisation. We’re now taking it wider than traditional sports because great coaching goes much, much further.

Sharing her experiences from three Olympic cycles working with the GB Hockey team coaches and players Emma: 

  • highlights what she sees as the key aspects of a quality selection process along with approaches to manage non-selection and in particular, travelling reserves (those selected but who are not likely to play) 
  • highlights the importance of thoughtful planning and managing athlete expectations as well as how both the Men’s and Women’s teams took slightly different approaches based on players’ needs.
  • shares how she has seen the coaches, through experience, grow, adapt and change in their approach to selection for big events. 

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UK Coaching Talent and Performance