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UK Coaching Talent and Performance
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Talking Talent: Understanding the Who

The second of our four-part ‘Planning Your Coaching for Youth Development’ series features Dr Andy Abraham, Dr Julian North and Dr Kevin Till of Leeds Beckett University. They discuss how using bio-psycho-social theories and concepts as thinking tools helps you understand your players' needs and wants

The first of three videos introduces the who: consider the biological, psychological and social factors that influence an individual’s opportunities and development.


In part two with Andy Abraham we explore the importance of motivation, social skills and psychological development for individuals within your planning.



The final part concludes with Kevin Till sharing the physical development qualities to be considered in your planning and how these can be implemented into a nested plan. This includes the use of RAMP warm-ups to develop physical capacity.

Developing Independent Participants

Use this guide to clarify your thinking in relation to the athletes that you coach and apply the video’s key teachings to your coaching practice

Dive in

The Motivation and Skill Grid

Use the Motivation & Skill Grid to identify where your athletes are in relation to skill and motivation and how to support development


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UK Coaching Talent and Performance