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Where is the Line?

Our short film explores the complexities of duty to care in coaching. It follows the journey of fictional coach Sabrina as she negotiates a catalogue of issues. Can you spot where the line has been crossed and distinguish between good practice and poor practice? By engaging with our high-impact film, replay clips and accompanying guides, you will pick up essential tips and learn the value of putting people’s safety, well-being, and welfare at the centre of what you do

Where is the Line? directs a laser focus on the impact that a coach’s language, actions, and behaviour can have on their participants.

Vincent fails to show a duty to care towards his group and the film exposes his shortcomings as a coach, whilst protégé Sabrina – after witnessing his outmoded and systemic poor practices – develops the courage to challenge Vincent before ultimately showing him the error of his ways.

A key resource in our Duty to Care Hub, dig deeper into the six pillars of duty to care: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-being, Physical Well-being, Safeguarding and Safe to Practice – in a compelling and educational way.

Watch as events unfold and be guided in your learning by our replay clips and accompanying interactive discussion guides

The immersive learning experience will help you define the line between good and poor coaching practices, increasing your confidence to always act with a duty of care to the people you coach. 

Did you spot the examples of abuse of power and poor practice in the film?

The selected excerpts below relate to key learning points and will help to develop your understanding and awareness of a coach’s responsibility to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive, motivational, and supportive environment for all.

They accompanying guides are designed to prompt reflection and steer and ignite peer discussions as you learn more about how coaches can inspire or disempower those they coach – supporting you to step out of your comfort zone, increase awareness and take action. 

Each guide contains a downloadable action planner that can be printed or completed digitally on any device – alone, or with others as part of a group discussions – to enable you to take away key learning and notes and use them within your coaching environment.

Where is the Line? Replay Clips

Diversity & Inclusion

Mental Health and Well-being

Physical Well-being


Safe to Practice

Guided Reflection Experience

Upgrade to Premium Membership of UK Coaching Club to access a more dynamic Where is the Line? reflective practice tool that features the ‘voice’ of industry experts to guide your learning. Earn a quarter of a CIMSPA point for each Guided Reflection Experience you complete.

A truly immersive digital learning experience.


UK Coaching Duty to Care Hub and Digital Badge

Earn our free nationally recognised Digital Badge by demonstrating your knowledge of the six pillars of Duty to Care: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-being, Physical Well-being, Safeguarding, Safe to Practice.

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