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Exploring Motivational Interviewing in Coach Development

In this webinar, Steve Rollnick and Hugh Gilmore explore how the skills of motivational interviewing can be applied across coach development work to build relationships, provide a framework for conversations and make conversations more intentional and meaningful

There’s a beautiful synergy between motivational interviewing and coaching."

The use of reflections is fuel for conversation."

Affirmation is something that is a deeper statement of admiration for someone even in tough times."

The Six Cs

Three to let go of:

  • Clutter.
  • Complexity.
  • Cleverness.

Three to hold on to:

  • Compassion.
  • Calmness.
  • Curiosity.


  • At 2.08, Steve summarises what motivational interviewing is.
  • At 7.25, Steve shares and explains the Ask - Offer - Ask framework.
  • At 33.22, Hugh engages in a live demonstration of motivational interviewing skills in action, in a coach development context.

The OARS acronym

For more on the OARS acronym, see the Psych Wire resource on motivational viewing.

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