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Self-care and development

Curious Coaches' Club: Developing People (Developing Yourself, Developing Athletes)

UK Coaching's Tom Hartley and Alan Rapley explore putting thoughts into action and suggest strategies for practically developing yourself and your athletes

Do you sometimes struggle to find time to put your thoughts into actions? We know it can be a real challenge for all of us!

In this session, UK Coaching's Tom Hartley (also current Premier League Academy football coach) and Alan Rapley (ex-Olympic swimmer and former Head of Coaching at Fulham FC) explore this topic, offering suggestions to help solve this and providing examples and strategies for practically developing yourself and your athletes. They explore a reframe of the classic ‘Plan, Do, Review’ approach and how to turn those thoughts into reality.

This is an opportunity to discover simple templates to self-relect and plan, connect with other coaches and expand your network to utilise critical friends. Actively utilise this 'pause' to hit the ground running when face-to-face coaching kicks off again.

What is the Curious Coaches' Club?

Each week, the Curious Coaches' Club brings experts together for a weekly coaching conversation


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