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Welcome to the Coaching in Primary Schools Toolkit, developed by UK Coaching in collaboration with our national partners - the association for Physical Education, County Sports Partnership Network, Sport England, UKactive Kids and the Youth Sport Trust.

Through the Primary PE and Sport Premium, primary schools in England have dedicated funding to enhance their PE and school sport offer to children. Around two thirds of schools are using some of the funding to employ external sports coaches. Coaches can perform a valuable role in supporting and up-skilling teachers to improve the delivery of physical education and sport, as well as providing breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs.

We realise that Head Teachers and Primary PE Leads and School Governors are extremely busy, so here are the key messages for all schools:

  • Coaches should only be employed through Premium funding when a need has been identified by the school’s PE and school sport review
  • Coaches should not be used to displace teachers during curriculum time
  • Your local County Sports Partnership can help you identify a suitable coach
  • The Toolkit includes a self-review tool to ensure your use of coaches is both effective and sustainable
  • In addition to generic advice, the toolkit offers specific information on activities such as Dance.

Research into the primary PE and sport premium indicates that many schools are spending a high proportion of their funding on sports coaching. This Toolkit will help Headteachers, PE Leads, coaches and coach deployers gain the step-by-step information required to ensure that the use of coaches is both effective and sustainable. Please be aware that in some sports a title other than coach may be used to describe the person leading an activity, such as instructor, leader or trainer. Exactly the the same principles of effective and sustainable use detailed within the toolkit apply, regardless of the badge.

For information on spending the Premium on activities such as Physical Education CPD, physical activity programmes and competitive school sport, please visit the websites of our National Partners, detailed within the Toolkit.

Background to the Primary PE and Sport Premium

Getting the Most From Using a Coach

Recruitment- Finding the Right Coach

Qualifications- What Qualifications and Skills are Required?

Monitoring and Evaluation- The Quality and Impact of Coaching and Ofsted Inspection

Further Resources and Training

National Partner Information

Functionality and navigation

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