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Physical Preparation Toolkit

Over 150 practical tools – developed with the Strength and Conditioning Academy – to help you plan, deliver and review effective and targeted physical preparation programmes

  • Unmissable 80% discount available – toolkit just £5 (RRP £25) for UK Coaching Club Premium Members, with enhanced access to comprehensive supporting guides to aid the learning process.
  • Comprehensive toolkit for coaches and fitness professionals containing resources on warm-ups, movement and mobility, tissue conditioning and strength training.
  • Easy-to-use planning tools for physical preparation, jam-packed with ideas to help you plan sessions more effectively and efficiently.
  • 74 videos to help you understand and coach targeted exercises.
  • 71 downloadable coaching cards to refer to whenever you need a refresher or are ready to progress a specific exercise with your participant.
  • 5 notepads, one with each section of the toolkit to help you consider, plan and design effective programmes.
  • 7 field based assessments to help you and the people you coach identity areas for improvement.

Whether you support clients new to sport and physical activity, coach an after-work basketball club, or work with young athletes preparing for selection, helping the people you coach to develop their physical abilities is paramount to performance at every level and sustainable, lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity.

The Physical Preparation Toolkit will grow your coaching knowledge to help you design physical preparation programmes appropriate for the people that you coach and the environment that you work in.

Whether you're looking to add to your existing coaching programme or to create fresh, standalone sessions with a physical preparation or strength and conditioning focus, the Physical Preparation Toolkit can help you meet the needs of the people you coach and help you help them to develop the physical skills required to reach their goals.

You'll find notepads like this:

And you'll find coaching cards like this:

And a range of videos to ensure that you have a clear picture of what you're looking for:

How Can the Toolkit Help Me?

  1. The Physical Preparation Toolkit provides an intuitive entry point into physical preparation. If you're a coach or fitness professional interested in growing your knowledge, this is the ideal place to start learning.
  2. It can help you design deliberate and targeted sessions that you can use to support the people you coach to improve their abilities, enabling them to solve the challenges they face in their sport or physical activity.
  1. Already have experience in physical preparation? Use the Toolkit to plan consistently great sessions with exercises targeted at developing and honing specific skills such as strength or mobility.
  2. It saves you time by containing easy-to-find resources on warm-ups, movement and mobility, tissue conditioning, strength training and field based assessments – ready to be used immediately.

What's In the Toolkit?

Over 150 practical resources

74 videos | 71 coaching cards | 5 downloadable notepads

7 field based assessments to help you assess capability and identify areas for improvement

Content on: Warm-ups | Tissue Conditioning | Movement and Mobility | Strength Training

The Physical Preparation Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for every coach and fitness professional, ensuring that you have both the practical knowledge of key exercises and the underpinning understanding of how to coach them effectively.

This includes a page on field based assessments, which contains worksheets for you to complete, videos to aid understanding, score guidelines, and key insight to help you develop and devise your own assessments.

The Toolkit will enable you to take not only the next step on your coaching journey, but to continue to grow and develop alongside the people you coach, brimming with the confidence that you need to achieve your goals – together.

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Purchase Options

Buy the Practical Toolkit 

Purchase the toolkit only for £25 with no supporting guides 

  • 74 videos.
  • 71 downloadable coaching cards.
  • 5 notepads.
  • 7 field based assessments.

You will have access to the Toolkit for 1 year from purchase.

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