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Women Who Coach

We want to encourage and inspire more women to get into coaching and improve career development opportunities for female coaches. Our digital guide will grow your confidence and your skill set to enable you to turn obstacles into opportunities

Learn from empowering female role models and leading experts and be inspired to take that first step on your rewarding journey.

From powerful personal stories, to tips on career progression, to health and lifestyle advice, to strategies for conquering gender stereotypes in sport and in coaching, this digital guide demonstrates UK Coaching's commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive coaching workforce and sporting landscape.

With women greatly under-represented in senior coaching positions and leadership roles, we shine a spotlight on how we can break down barriers, increase self-confidence in the female coaching workforce and raise awareness of deeply-ingrained issues – thereby encouraging more women to join the coaching family and supporting existing coaches to expand their skills.


Collectively We Can #BreakTheBias

People need to understand the strength of a diverse coaching staff and employ people based solely on their skills and experience. Female coaches can bring something different and that should be seen positively. ”

– Giselle Mather, Wasps Women Director of Rugby. See 'Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner' below

I am more than my headscarf. I am more than that narrative. I hold the pen and write my own narrative… People put barriers up, but I don’t see them, because they are not my barriers.”

– Annie Zaidi, National Ambassador for Women in Football, UEFA B Licence holder. See 'Trailblazer Annie' feature

Entry barriers have been for the large part removed and opportunities are there for all. So, what’s stopping women progressing through the ranks as they should be, and fulfilling their potential?”

– Catherine Baker, Sport and Beyond. See ‘Bridging the Gender Divide’ below

Busting Stereotypes

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!

Director of Women's Rugby at Ealing Trailfinders Giselle Mather has enjoyed 'The Mother of All Coaching Journeys'

High Performance

'I have more labels than a jar of jam'

Trailblazer Annie says 'I am not an X Factor sob story' and wants to celebrate her achievements. 'It can be done. It has been done. I’m doing it.'


Empowering Muslim Role Model

Tahira Islam urges other women not to let fears of prejudice deter them from pursuing their passions.


Meet The Inspirational 'IronGran'

Edwina Brocklesby is coaching and coaxing older people to become healthier and happier by providing fitness, fun and friendship.


Ugly Side Of The Beautiful Game

Minehead FC manager Avril Cooke longs to see "a female coach standing across the dugout to me in the men’s game."


GB Shooter Targets Equality

Ninety per cent of Georgina Roberts' athletes are men. "One day, I want to coach a more balanced demographic."


Knocking Out Gender Bias

Naadrah Hafeez is the future face of boxing coaching; a young Muslim woman fittingly nicknamed 'The Smiler'.


Water Story!

Head coach of inclusive swimming club, Lisa Graham, puts residents of London Borough in buoyant mood


Get into Coaching eLearning Course

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Inspiring Women

Changing the Culture

Why we need to make a commitment to get more women into cricket coaching.

Case Study

Bridging the Gender Divide

Advice for women coaches on taking over a men’s team.

Expert Opinion

Female Role Models

Empowering stories from courageous women.

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Equal to the Task

Women have just as much to offer the coaching industry as men.

Expert Opinion

Media Coverage

The drive to create more female role models.

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High Performance

The elite female coaches bucking the trend.

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Health, Pregnancy and Childbirth

Guide to How to Get into Coaching

 Essential advice to help you take that all-important first step.

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Promoting Diversity in Coaching

Inspiring Women

Cognitive diversity key to better coaching environments – for all.

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Barriers & Benefits

Why is it Important to embrace diversity within the coaching workforce?


Coaching for All

Series of video case studies investigating the importance of embracing diversity at all levels of sport.

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What Happens Next?

Strategies for boosting diversity to drive real growth and long-term change.

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Spotlight on Unconscious Bias


Insight into the different varieties of unconscious bias.

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Examples & Analysis

Looking at diversity through the lens of unconscious bias

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Top Tips

Strategies for reducing the impact of unconscious bias.

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