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05 May 2021 449

UK Coaching says the ‘Great Coaching Comeback’ is on

UK Coaching is kicking off UK Coaching Week 2021 with the launch of ‘The Great Coaching Comeback’ – a year-long campaign aimed at directly supporting coaches as they return to coaching after pandemic restrictions have been lifted in the UK.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the coaching workforce at all levels, with COVID-19 restrictions decreasing coaching opportunities and creating financial uncertainty and a loss of identity for many coaches.

To ascertain the level of disruption, the lead agency for coaching has launched ‘The Great Coaching Comeback Survey’ to uncover what coaches need so they can get back to delivering great experiences of sport and physical activity and changing people’s lives.

Access the survey.                                                                                                                 

UK Coaching’s Director of Coaching Emma Atkins, said:

You heard it here first, the great coaching comeback is on! With restrictions easing and the sights and sounds of sport and physical activity coming back to life, we need to make sure that every one of the nation’s three million coaches feels ready and supported to return to coaching.

“At this stage, we do not know how many coaches will return to the profession. It is likely to be less than before the pandemic, so we want to show the sector, the public and the government the types of challenges the coaching workforce has faced over the past 12 months and work together to support them to return, ensuring we have a workforce of happy and healthy coaches across the UK. It is important that we all care for our wonderful coaches.  

“Whether it is greater financial security, more learning and development, or access to jobs and training, we need to champion real solutions for coaches so they feel valued and confident to keep us all moving.”  

UK Coaching’s CEO Mark Gannon, said:

We all know the positive effect exercise has on our physical and mental health and now is the time to get back to it. Many of us have experienced what life would be like without it or at least a diminished active routine, which is why we’re all chomping at the bit to get back out there and achieve our sport and fitness goals.

"The government has also recognised this, announcing a new office to drive the nation’s health by promoting physical activity.

“The coach is the greatest conduit to these endeavours, so their development, education and encouragement should be central to ‘levelling up the health of the nation’ as we recover from this unprecedented time. We need to elevate coaching careers and the values which underpin the role.”

Loughborough National Centre Lead Coach and UK Coaching Ambassador Mel Marshall, said:

As an ambassador of UK Coaching, I'm excited to get behind The Great Coaching Comeback. For the last 12 months, we've been side-lined by the restrictions. Our energy has been stifled, our development limited and our sense of identity almost lost.

"Now's the time to recover and rediscover who we are and what we're best at - facilitating laughter, enjoyment, improvement and human interactions through sport and physical activity.

"As we step back into the arena, let's put inclusivity front and centre of our coaching ethos. There's going to be a lot of people needing our support to recapture their exercise goals. Get to know the people you are coaching and want the best for them, whoever they are. We got this."

UK Coaching Week will take place from the 7-13 June, empowering athletes, coaches, organisations, and the public to celebrate great coaching and encouraging coaches to adapt and recover their space within the sport and physical activity sector.

Celebrating coaches who have used innovative ways to keep people active during the coronavirus lockdowns and making a difference to people’s mental and physical well-being will be a core part of the week, which is why nominations are currently open for the UK Coaching Hero awards initiative.

UK Coaching will also be calling on its partners and other sporting bodies to show their commitment to Duty to Care and the five pillars that make up great coaching: Safeguarding, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-Being.

To find out more about UK Coaching Week and how you can get involved, visit ukcoaching.org/coachingweek.

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