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Five Pillars of Duty to Care

  • Safeguarding

  • Inclusion

  • Diversity

  • Well-being

  • Mental Health

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NEW! Duty to Care Toolkit and Digital Badge

Earn our nationally recognised Duty to Care 'Digital Badge' by demonstrating your knowledge of the principles of duty to care: Safeguarding, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-being.

Simply enrol and complete the five free Knowledge Checks attached to each of these five pillars. There is an extensive suite of learning and we signpost you to the most relevant resources to help you refresh your knowledge around each theme. 

We're Here for the Coach

While the spread of COVID-19 is continuing to prove a major challenge for coaches, it cannot stop you gathering knowledge and growing your skills.

We can support you to continue online and help you use your downtime effectively to get ready for the future, so that when things return to normal you will be stronger for the experience. 

As well as providing advice on delivering great coaching sessions, we will continue to share and interpret up-to-date government guidance regarding the phased returns of coaches to coached activity.

Sports Coaches | Exercise Trainers | Fitness Instructors | Activity Leaders | Parent Helpers | Teachers

Be supported by the coaching community and continue your learning digitally

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In accordance with Public Health England recommendations, we are operating business as usual for the foreseeable future with many of our functions moving online.

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Free Webinar

Explore the timely topic of returning to coaching and the practical measures that coaches will have to take

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Coaching while social distancing: how will it work for you?

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STEP Back into Coaching with Confidence

In our online community ConnectedCoaches we have shared practical measures coaches can take to help them manage social distancing in their sessions whilst retaining the central components of safety, fun, creativity, challenge, social engagement and skill development.

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Be part of the coach to coach community that is solving problems and transforming coaching.

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New Resources

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  • How to Support Athletes Through Transitions

  • Understanding Motor Imagery and its Role in Coaching

  • Understanding Transitions and Supporting Athletes Through the Process

  • Being the Best Version of You: The Coach’s Transition


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  • Coach Well-being: Ways to Boost Physical and Mental Health

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Coaching Courses

Our Newsroom

  • Thought leadership article: Duty to Care

  • UK Coaching cares: New toolkit and digital badge to facilitate #GreatCoaching

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: We’re here for the coach


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Building Rapport

Connecting, earning respect and handling tough conversations.

Physical Skills

Developing fitness and physical movement skills safely.

Mental Skills

Igniting positive behaviours, motivation and resilience. 

Differing Needs

Adapting sessions for people with disabilities, neurodiverse and health conditions. 

Welfare and Safety

Ensuring safety and well-being.


Planning Ahead

Save yourself some time and improve their experience.

#GreatCoaching Stories

Join the coaches who are growing their skills with our most helpful resources and FREE learning