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If in doubt, sit them out

This page contains resources, eLearning, and a webinar that can help you understand and apply the government guidance on concussion to identify, manage, and prevent concussions, including how to create a safe and supported environment for participation.

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Practical Resources

Guidance from the government on concussion can be summed up as: if in doubt, sit them out. It’s a clear and simple directive that puts the welfare of each participant at the very heart of coaching practice.

The following resources include a link to the full guidance, and two downloadable infographics to help to put it into practice and share the insights with the people you coach and work with.

When people feel safe and supported, they’re more likely to keep coming back – and to have fun with the experience. Safe coaching is great coaching, and key to unlocking great performance and the achievement of individual goals.

Everything You Need to Know About Concussion

Link to the full guidance, available for you to read and refer to whenever you like.


The Shoulds and Should Nots of Concussion

Infographic to boost your participants' knowledge too. Everyone can contribute to creating a safe environment.


How to Respond to a Suspected Concussion

A clear four-step process to follow when you think that someone you coach may have a concussion.




Concussion Awareness

Learn more about concussion, its impact on people, and how you can adapt your coaching environment to support people who have a concussion.


Duty to Care: Guide to Safe to Practice

With our guide, learn more about this foundational pillar of Duty to Care, including how you can apply its key principles in your own sport and environment.

As well as offering insight into concussion, it covers:

  • coach responsibilities
  • safe practices
  • creating safe spaces
  • safe activity
  • safe activity: people
  • key legislation.