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How to: Plan, Coach, Reflect

UK Coaching Team

Coach with confidence: Learn how to plan, coach and reflect on your coaching practice. Updated in 2023


The ‘How to: Plan, Coach, Reflect’ eLearning module helps you understand the principles behind the foundations of coaching, a variety of planning techniques, practical coaching tools and how to reflect in and on your coaching practice.

Learning about the principles of planning, delivering and reflective practice will help you to:

  • become a more effective coach
  • support your participants to progress and meet their goals
  • further develop your coaching.

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In this course:

This course is made up of four modules:

  • Foundations of Coaching: Explore foundational coaching knowledge, learning theory connected to coaching, and holistic development for those you coach.
  • How to: Plan. Consider the importance of designing developmentally appropriate practices, how they can be designed, and short, medium and long-term planning.
  • How to: Coach. Gain practical tools to support the development of a participant-centred coaching approach that you can use to adapt and progress your coaching practices to meet participants' needs.
  • How to: Reflect. Gain useful tools and information about what reflection is, different ways to reflect, and what to reflect on, and a takeaway activity to support you beyond completion of the course.

Full course details

  • The course is aimed at both Level 1 and Level 2 coaches who need to understand the principles of the coaching process (plan, coach, reflect). It is also a good introductory course if you are thinking of becoming a coach as you’ll get a good idea of what’s involved in coaching.

  • The course should take around 2 hours to complete, broken into four short learning episodes. There's nothing to stop you from leaving and finishing at your own convenience.

  • You have access to the course for 12 months after enrolment. 

  • Our experienced advisors are on hand should you need any help with navigating through the course.

  • This course has been designed to be fully mobile-responsive, scaling up and down as needed.

    For the best experience, we recommend you complete it on a desktop.

    If you have a visual impairment, we have designed the course to work with screen readers.

    There are some videos in the course that feature audio. We have included transcripts to aid people with hearing impairments.

  • If you are an organisation and want to purchase this course for your learners get in touch.

How to: Plan, Coach, Reflect

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