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UK Coaching, NSPCC and CPSU

Safeguarding & Protecting Children 16 - 18 (Online Classroom)

This online classroom is for young coaches aged 16-18 years old only.

Developed in partnership with:


This online classroom, developed in partnership with the Child Protection Sport Unit (CPSU) of the NSPCC, has been created specifically for coaches aged 16 to 18 years old.

The course is created by specialists in child welfare and is written and delivered with the safety of the young coach in mind throughout. It covers all the appropriate content to support younger coaches to recognise safeguarding and child protection best practice as an important part of your great coaching journey. As a young leader or assistant coach, you will discover how to report any concerns you may have, and who you can report your concerns to. Safeguarding your own welfare as a coach is just as important, so this online classroom will also provide information on who you can talk to and get support from.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children (16-18) is created for a specific audience, and should be recognised by all partners who currently recognise the UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children (online classroom) and face to face workshop as an essential element of a coach’s minimum standards of deployment.

This certificate of attendance is valid for up to two years and should be renewed by attending the Safegaurding & Protecting Children classroom.

This online classroom is for young coaches aged 16-18 years old only.

This session will help you:

  • identify and recognise good (coaching) practice and the implications for your coaching
  • recognise the duty of care you have for the welfare and wellbeing of players/participants 
  • identify your best practice behaviours as you move from a player/participant to a coach (or a coaching role)
  • take appropriate action if you have concerns about a child (or an adult).

This online classroom will be facilitated by a UK Coaching Safeguarding & Protecting Children tutor who is highly experienced in child welfare in sport. It will also be attended by a responsible adult who will act as a chaperone for the young people in the course.

You will receive an online version of A Guide to Safeguarding Children and Young People in Sport & Physical Activity before the workshop. This digital resource will be valid for 3 months post workshop (available in the learner's individual 'Dashboard').

If you wish to buy a hard copy at £9.49 (+p&p) click here. Packed full of practical guidance it will help you to deal sensitively and effectively with any issues that arise.

Although you can access our online classroom using any mobile device, the best experience will be achieved by using a laptop or PC. Once booked, the link to your online classroom will be provided via a confirmation email you receive from UK Coaching.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Headset or a device with speakers
  • Device with a microphone
  • If possible – the ability to connect directly into your router may improve your internet connection (wifi access may drop out).

Find a course date that works for you, complete the booking process and then we will be in touch to:

  • Confirm your booking
  • Send you a link to your session
  • Tell you your certificate is ready to view on your dashboard (after your session).

This session will run for around 90 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the flow of the session – we don’t like to cut people off while they are learning! 

You are part of a small group so you will have a chance to discuss points and ask questions as if you are in a face to face workshop, only you get to sit in your own chair and drink a real cuppa in your own mug and not something brown from a vending machine!

This online classroom is for young coaches aged 16-18 years old only. If you are 18 years or older, please click here to book onto our Safegaurding & Protecting Children (online classroom).

It’s made me more aware of the subject and made me think about the things I didn’t know before.

It was very engaging and everyone was able to get involved.

This course had definitely made me more confident, also got me to think about things i didn’t really consider before.

Good to participate virtually, i think i participated more virtually than i would have face to face. Just talking through things and engaging works really well.

Information for Organisations

Want to arrange this online classroom for a group of 6 people or more?

To run this online classroom as a 'closed' session (for your coaches only), please see the information below.

Please note, for this course, we require a 'responsible adult' in attendance throughout the entire session . This adult must be aged over 18 years old and act as a chaperone for the young people. Ideally they would be a coach, welfare/safeguarding officer, club manager, or another person in your organisation who can support the young person with any questions or concerns they may wish to raise, in confidence, post course.

Our online classroom works well with up to 15 learners. No more than this, please.
This online classroom is for young coaches aged 16-18 years old only.

Tell us your preferred date and time by completing an online booking form, and we will arrange for one of our tutors to deliver the session to your learners. If you would prefer to just signpost your learners to one of our sessions, please direct them to this page where we list all available open sessions.


Session fee with digital resouce only

Workshop fee £310 (for up to 15 learners). This price includes delivery fee, course administration, digital resource and certification for each learner.


Session fee with hard copy resource bundle

Session fee £350 (for up to 15 learners). This price includes delivery fee, course administration, digital resource, hard copy resource and certification for each learner.


We will need a Purchase Order number at the time of booking and a list of learners (first name, surname and email address) AT LEAST 3 working days prior to the session running in order for us to email your learners with their joining instructions.

For more information please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0845-601 305.

Do you have your own tutor team and want to take advantage of discounted rates? You may be eligible to deliver this title under license. See the "Deliver this online classroom under license" tab below for more information.

Online classroom with a max running time of 2 hours. Delivered by an accredited and experienced UK Coaching tutor.

The learner will need strong internet access (ideally directly through their router) plus a PC/Laptop (ideally, but they can also access this using a tablet or phone), with working speaker and microphone.

A maximum of 15 learners per session. Any more than this and the quality of learning will be affected. The session can run with fewer than 6 learners but the quality of learning through their engagement and discussion may be affected.

An online classroom facilitated by a tutor and fully interactive. The learner will be involved in real-time activities and discussions. Live Captioning/subtitles are available for learners with any auditory support requirements. Please let our customer services team know in advance or make the tutor aware at the beginning of the session.

Accompanying this session is an online resource/e-book which will be available for 3 months post workshop and is not downloadable/printable.

If you wish to buy hard copy resources for your learners, we have created a 'bundle' price which incorporates the classroom price in addition to a set of resources (see "how it works" section above).

Alternatively, your learners do have the opportunity to buy a hard copy resource themselves - they can order the book by following this link.

Do you have your own tutor team? Take advantage of savings on each session you deliver, along with further benefits, by becoming a UK Coaching Licensed Partner.

Delivering our online classroom under license costs from £180 for up to 15 learners. Find out by contacting our team by emailing [email protected]

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