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Duty to Care Toolkit and Digital Badge

This toolkit will equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to provide great coaching experiences to others, as well as support coaches to begin to better look after themselves

The Duty to Care Toolkit is a series of Knowledge Checks and coach learning resources set across the five distinct pillars that represent the Duty to Care ethos: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health. Complete the five free Knowledge Checks to earn our Duty to Care Digital Badge.

Great coaching is beyond just the technical and tactical elements that make up the playing of a sport. It’s about the person-centred experience, ie a coach-participant relationship that is positive, motivational, caring and rewarding.

Our comprehensive suite of learning aims to galvanise the coaching sector to fulfil their obligations around the education and provision of these five pillars of Duty to Care.

We have established our own Duty to Care approach for the coaching sector to create more holistic and positive coaching benefits for all.

This wraparound care will extend beyond the recipients of coaching, to include the whole coaching family. It is imperative that we look after the people looking after the people, so that the nation’s coaches feel their health and welfare is also being supported and protected.

Therefore, it is incumbent to give coaches a starting point to assess where they need more help in this area, so UK Coaching can continue to support coaches across the UK based on their needs. They can then draw upon this support during their ongoing development and throughout their coaching practice. This will enable them to look after the people they coach, as well as their own well-being, effectively and appropriately.

Your Badge Progress

Complete the five Knowledge Checks and collect the five pieces of learning for each pillar to demonstrate your thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care and earn our nationally-recognised Digital Badge.

Do you feel ready to put your knowledge to the test? If so enrol now for free on all five Knowledge Checks. Once you have enrolled your progress for each will be shown below.

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Safeguarding Knowledge Check

Diversity Knowledge Check

Inclusion Knowledge Check

Mental Health Knowledge Check

Well-being Knowledge Check

Why earn the badge?

Think of it as:

  • an indication of your commitment to great coaching
  • proof that you have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care
  • evidence of your continuing professional development.

Upon successfully completing the Knowledge Checks you will be prompted to share the badge and your achievement on your social media channels.

The badge will show clearly on your UKCoaching.org learner’s dashboard.

Educate, explore, enjoy!

Below you will find workshops, online courses and essential resources covering the five pillars of Duty to Care. You can also register for each of the five free Knowledge Checks.

Our Duty to Care suite of learning provides sector-standard training for coaches. It will:

  • Equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to better look after their own physical, social, emotional and psychological needs, as well as the needs of the people they coach 
  • Help organisations fast-track their coaching workforce’s development needs, so that more people can benefit from great coaching

There is no set learning process, so coaches can embark on the Knowledge Checks or the learning whichever way round they like.


UK Coaching's Duty to Care ethos explained

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Sector Endorsement

As we slowly return to playing the sports we love, or maybe start new ones, it is important that people enjoy their first experiences back, and the Duty to Care Toolkit will help coaches have the support they need across the areas of Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Safeguarding and Well-being. Alongside the advice and guidance we’ve compiled on how the sport and physical activity sector can successfully and safely return to play, this will really help them to provide great experiences and support everyone safely back into activity.

Phil Smith, Sport England Executive Director of Sport


UK Coaching’s toolkit is the right way for coaches – at any stage of their career – to refuel their coaching skills and gain the confidence they need to keep delivering great coaching experiences.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson