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Be a Champion for Duty to Care

Duty to Care Hub and Digital Badge

Join the growing movement: Learn about the importance of Duty to Care and develop your practice with our newly-enhanced Hub of learning – and demonstrate your commitment to looking after the people you coach by earning our Sport England-funded Digital Badge

Develop your skills | Earn the Digital Badge | Create lasting change

If you care about coaching, you care about people. Nothing is more important than the protection of those who take part in sport and physical activity.

It is the responsibility of every coach to provide safe, inclusive, engaging and rewarding coaching environments for all. 

We have given our Hub a fresh new face. This updated version will provide you with the knowledge, confidence and coaching skills to always act with a duty to care to your participants – as well as better care for yourself.

Our Duty to Care Learning Hub is about more than earning our nationally-recognised digital badge – which you can do by completing free Knowledge Checks that test your understanding of the six pillars of duty to care: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health & Well-being, Physical Well-being, Safeguarding and Safe to Practice.

Containing guidance from industry-leading experts, impactful educational videos, the latest in learning technology, and eLearning modules covering each of the six pillars, you will learn how to deliver the best environment for participants to thrive and encourage lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.

By reading this you are one of the 3.1 million* coaches coaching in the UK, delivering sessions to over 15 million children and adults.

Join the movement and help us create a coaching culture where the safety, well-being and welfare of participants is at the heart of coaches’ practice.

* Coaching in the UK 2022 Report 

Choose Your Path


Explore the six pillars and embrace the duty to care ethos with our free learning resources, then earn your digital badge

'Where is the Line' educational video. Explore the deeper issues connected to duty to care and creating a safe environment for all. Including film replays and interactive conversation guides for all 6 pillars.

✔ Virtual Question & Answer Experience with double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes DBE MBE and triple Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock OBE covering the topics of diversity, inclusion and mental health and well-being.

✔ Time2Learn Live Webinars: Pick up invaluable tips and practical ideas from experts in the field of duty to care that you can use in your coaching.

✔ Six comprehensive Guides written by industry experts on each of the pillars of duty to care.

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Dive right in and test your knowledge to earn our free digital badge 

✔ 6 free, newly-created Knowledge Checks testing your understanding of the key principles of duty to care covering each pillar of learning.

✔  Includes a brand-new pillar! Safe to Practice, to help you ingrain safe practice in your coaching culture.

✔ Complete all 6 Knowledge Checks and earn your UK Coaching Digital Badge, which is evidence of your continuing professional development and confirmation of your commitment to great coaching.

✔  Those who earn the digital badge will receive 3 CIMSPA CPD points.

✔ Do you feel ready to put your knowledge to the test? Click the button below to get started.


✔ Basic UK Coaching Club membership: Access a vast library of free coaching advice, podcasts, videos, tools and tips.


Dive deeper into each pillar of duty to care with UK Coaching Club Premium Membership

✔ Unique digital learning experience that simulates a trainer-led session. Watch replays of the ‘Where is the Line?’ film and be taken on a dynamic guided reflection experience of each pillar of duty to care using our video learning tool that features the ‘voice’ of industry experts to guide your learning.

✔ Five 15-minute eLearning courses covering key themes associated with the pillars of duty of care. 

✔ Watch recordings of all the Time2Learn Webinars: explore new ideas around duty to care and grow your coaching practice.

✔ Premium Membership Benefits, including access to an online legal clinic for support on everything from safeguarding issues to disputes with national sports organisations; a confidential counselling helpline; money-saving discounts; thousands of expert resources to help you grow your skills.

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Explore the Six Pillars of Duty to Care

Why earn the new badge?

Complete the six Knowledge Checks – which have been created in partnership with industry-leading experts and endorsed by CIMSPA – and collect the six pieces of learning for each pillar to demonstrate your thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care and earn our nationally-recognised digital badge.

Think of it as:

  • an indication of your commitment to great coaching
  • proof that you have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care
  • evidence of your continuing professional development.

Achieving the latest badge will earn learners 3 CIMSPA CPD points, with a certificate of completion.

Upon successfully completing the Knowledge Checks you will be prompted to share the badge and your achievement on your social media channels.

The badge will show clearly on your UKCoaching.org learner’s dashboard, along with your certificate of completion.

Free to Access Products and Content

Where is the Line?

We follow fictional coach Sabrina as she negotiates a catalogue of issues related to duty to care. Can you spot the examples of abuse of power and poor practice in the 20-minute short film?



Watch the Film


Make Time2Learn

Register for our six scheduled Time2Learn Live Duty to Care Webinars. Each webinar you attend will earn you half a CIMSPA CPD point. 

Book on here

Virtual Q&A Experiences with Kelly Holmes and Max Whitlock

Take your digital front-row seat for exclusive one-to-one conversations with two of our best-loved sporting icons. Tap into Dame Kelly’s wealth of experience as a former international athlete and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as she answers your questions on the topic of diversity and inclusion in sport and physical activity. Max, who has talked openly about 'falling into a dark place' after winning his third Olympic gymnastics gold medal at Tokyo 2020, is ready to take your questions on mental health and well-being.

Guides to Help you Expand your Knowledge of Duty to Care

Each guide has been written by an expert and is packed with practical tips, ideas and the key insight you will need to start putting what you learn into practice.

Six Duty to Care Reading Guides

Premium Membership Products and Content

eLearning Courses

Diversity: Anti-Racism



Explore and understand the challenges around racism and the impact of racism.

Safe to Practice: Concussion



Explore and understand concussion – what it is, how it is caused and how it is treated; the impact of concussion on a person’s life; signposting support for people with concussion.





Safeguarding: Position of trust



Explore the change to recent legislation, who it applies to and in what context; practical tips about how the new legislation has been successfully adopted in a variety of coaching environments; practical next steps to help find more information and encourage coaches to share across their networks.

Mental Health & Well-being: Having a conversation



Explore and understand the challenges associated with mental health problems; the impact of mental health on participation in sport and physical activity; practical tips on having conversations on mental health and knowing when to refer.

Physical Well-being: An introduction to physical well-being



Explore and understand the components of physical well-being and igniting the movement for change which encourages learners to improve their personal physical well-being. 



Guided Reflection

A dynamic reflection experience featuring the voice of experts to guide you through each topic of duty to care as you watch replays of the ‘Where is the Line?’ film. A truly immersive digital learning experience that simulates a trainer-led session.

Join the Club that Cares

Become a Premium UK Coaching Club member and unlock our full library of learning resources that will help you cultivate a culture of care and support and navigate the challenges you might face in and beyond your coaching.

Grow the Movement


Join the movement of coaches committed to creating a culture of care in sport and physical activity. Develop your skills with our resources, earn your Duty to Care badge and take the first step toward creating a lasting change.


Lead by example and embody the values of Duty to Care in everything you do as a coach. Share your badge and inspire others to follow in your footsteps, creating a movement of coaches who put the well-being of their participants first.


Champion the movement by encouraging others to dedicate themselves to continuous learning, growth, and development around the six pillars of Duty to Care Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-being, Physical Well-being, Safeguarding and Safe to Practice.