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Our Research Conference

Applied Coaching Research Conference 2020 – Maximising Potential through Coaching 


We return to Derby County Football Club for the third Applied Coaching Research Conference on Wednesday the 26 February 2020.

The theme of the conference will be Maximising Potential through Coaching, focusing on how coaching can be used to maximise the potential of people in sport and physical activity. 

Research is essential to inform the ongoing development of coaching policy and practice. The aim of the conference is to bridge the gap between research and practice by enabling researchers and practitioners to come together to learn, share and collaborate.

Below you will find reflections from previous conference speakers, who explain how the opportunity benefited them.

Speaker Reflections

What did you do? 
I delivered two sessions: 

  1. Powerbelle- women who lift. A community model of female empowerment and the development of self-efficacy through sport
  2. MindfullySTRONG: Integrated mindfulness and physical activity 

Through my sessions, I set out to share how a sports club (Hallam Barbell) can deliver applied programmes for specific audiences in line with policy and to show that sport and physical activity has a wider offer than training people for competition. 

How did it go? 
Although I was nervous as I am not fully comfortable when presenting formally, both sessions went well. Delegates were engaged and we had some great questions. 

Next steps? 
I made some good connections at the conference, which I need to follow up with. I also plan to deliver these sessions again within the Sheffield region to promote the Powerbelle and MindfullySTRONG programmes locally. 

What did you do?
We delivered a session on: Technology-enhanced coach education and development: why nothing works everywhere for everyone? 

Our workshop was intended to provoke and stimulate discussion around the place of technology in coach education in the UK. We shared our experiences of planning and delivering coach education where technology was a central feature. We also challenged popular assumptions, such as giving ownership will lead to engagement and young people have the skills and desire to engage in technology-enhanced coach education. 

How did it go? 
We really enjoyed delivering the workshop to a diverse audience who were willing to be challenged. 

Next steps? 
The conference has opened up access to new contexts where we would be keen to continue our research. Specifically, we would like to explore in more detail how we can develop the ‘skills for learning’, which underpin a coaches ability to engage in technology as a feature of coach education. 

What did you do? 
I delivered chair yoga as part of the ‘Time for You’ sessions.

Chair yoga is an adapted seated practice accessible and functional to all. It can be done whilst travelling, in the office, at home, for prehab and rehab, pre and post training and for chronic and acute conditions. Chair yoga is particularly beneficial to coaches and athletes who often work and function in high-stress environments. The session consisted of a number of components – centring, breathing techniques, posture work and relaxation. 

How did it go?
It was really good to see so many people not only join the session but participate too. I really enjoyed the experience and the feedback was great. 

What next? 
I will continue to promote, support and work with coaches and support staff (not just athletes), on the incredible benefits of yoga. 

What did you do? 
I delivered a session on: Improving coach well-being through addressing the diversity of the (coaching) workforce. 

In the session, I presented findings of a programme of research led within the Carnegie School of Sport around the topic of improving gender equity in sports coaching. Findings from a number of studies within this programme were summarised as to the experiences, representation and status of different groups of women as coaches, and how these experiences relate to the contexts in which coaches work.  

How did it go? 
Participants were engaged and motivated within the workshop and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Comments received centred on the usefulness of the session in reframing the ‘problem’, in this case, of a lack of women coaches. 

Next steps?
Going forward, the research will continue to grow within the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University in this area. 

What did you do?
Ciara Allan (The Football Association), Michael Antrobus (Hampshire Football Association) and I delivered a session on: Creating a ‘peer to peer’ learning culture: The UEFA B ‘Vets’ project. 

In our session, we showcased how learning and development can be supported beyond a formal coaching qualification and how coaches from a previous course can contribute to the learning occurring on a current course. In the session, we shared stories from Tara, Tom and one of our vets Alice was present to discuss her experiences. 

How did it go?
Feedback from the participants in the session was positive and constructive. 

Next steps? 
The session provided us with the encouragement to gather more stories and develop a more comprehensive review and analysis of the project. The project has also illuminated a pathway towards creating a sustainable community of practice amongst football coaches in Hampshire.

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Applied Coaching Research Conference 2019 – Shaping the Future of Coaching 


This year's research conference took place on the 19 February at Derby County Football Club.

On the day, delegates were treated to a fantastic keynote from Football Association of Wales' Tony Strudwick and a 30-minute panel discussion on coach well-being.  

Delegates also experienced a variety of workshops that focused on one of three sub-themes:

  • Innovative coaching practice
  • Coach experience and well-being
  • Contemporary learning solutions

Shaping the Future of Coaching

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