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A free coaching community on Facebook for everyone to share, learn, grow and have fun

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Love coaching? Join UK Coaching Club's ConnectedCoaches community a vibrant and supportive community of coaching enthusiasts like yourself, who are all curious about getting better at what they do. It’s a place for you to hang out at, share your coaching tips and challenges, get support and more.

Maybe you're new to coaching and trying to figure out your coaching style?

Or perhaps you'd like to keep up with the most recent coaching techniques?

Or maybe you're looking for a solution to a specific problem?

Or do you simply want some friendly support from a group of like-minded people who share your interests?

You're in luck.

You'll be joining a community of coaches who are committed to helping and supporting one another, regardless of your motivation for joining or the sport, activity, or level at which you coach. Coaches from all walks of life are members, which makes for fascinating questions, stories and experiences being shared.

Join the ConnectedCoaches community today if you want to connect with coaches from all sports and activities, as well as get free support, ideas, and advice from other coaches, whether you earn a living from coaching or volunteer your time.

Register for free and with a UK Coaching Club basic account and you’ll be able to join the exclusive community on Facebook via a link on your dashboard.

ConnectedCoaches has found a new home on Facebook, it’s more accessible on the move, you can access, ask, connect and request in real-time – reaching out to your peers, our experts and industry leaders to help you in live environments.

If you were a member of the community on the previous platform, it has been decommissioned. Although some of the site's content will be transferred to our resources, not all of it will.

What Members Say


I started using the ConnectedCoaches community as a way of broadening my knowledge as a coach. By using it, not only have I broadened my knowledge, I am now also part of a vast community that supports, helps and encourages one another.  I cannot recommend it enough to my fellow coaches!

Sara Hilton, UEFA B License Coach


ConnectedCoaches has been a great resource for me and my coaching. It’s a place that has really challenged my own thinking and approaches. I find this is a great place to discover creative ideas and honest opinions from a variety of different. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge on offer!

Luke Thorpe


ConnectedCoaches has given me practical ideas and solutions to help me develop. It has helped me feel more confident, and helped to improve the way I coach. Why? Because people are positive, encouraging and supportive. The best community for coaches in my experience of forums.

Steph Hart