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A free community for coaches for friendly support and advice.

You're about to become part of a vibrant online community where coaches - from all sports and activities - pool ideas, solve problems and overcome challenges together. 

Draw on the experiences and support of thousands of coaches in the coaching community, keen to help you find solutions to your coaching conundrums.

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What Members Say

ConnectedCoaches has changed me as a coach. When people take the time to reply it makes you take a step back and think 'well maybe I could do that differently'.

Dan Watson


I started using ConnectedCoaches as a way of broadening my knowledge as a coach. By using it, not only have I broadened my knowledge, I am now also part of a vast community that supports, helps and encourages one another.  I cannot recommend ConnectedCoaches enough to my fellow coaches!

Sara Hilton

ConnectedCoaches has been a great resource for me and my coaching. It’s a place that has really challenged my own thinking and approaches. I find this is a great place to discover creative ideas and honest opinions from a variety of different. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge on offer!

Luke Thorpe

ConnectedCoaches has given me practical ideas and solutions to help me develop. It has helped me feel more confident, and helped to improve the way I coach. Why? Because people are positive, encouraging and supportive. The best site for coaches in my experience of forums.

Steph Hart

Specialist Interest Groups are the Centre of Activity

Coaching Children (5-12)

Discuss ideas to engage children and see how other coaches approach their sessions

Welcome and General

A place to find help and share experiences on all things coaching.

Coaching Youth (13-18)

See how members coach this hard-to-engage group and develop their skills

Coaching Adults

Discuss the challenges of coaching adults with coaches from all sports and activities.

New to Coaching

A group where those new to coaching can discuss the specific challenges they face.

Inclusive Coaching

Here, members openly discuss how to overcome the challenges of making sport accessible to all.

Embracing Technology

The choice of tools available can be overwhelming. Discuss how to make the latest advances work for you.

Coach Developers

A new collaborative space for anyone who supports other coaches in their development (or plans to).

Exercise And Fitness Professionals

Join this new group to share your experiences, tips and challenges with your fellow fitness professionals.  

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