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A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your Kids to Stay Active

Information and advice for parents so they can better support their children to remain physically active throughout this period of social distancing and isolation


Download the infographics and keep them handy for the next time you're coaching at your house. 

UK Coaching is not just here for the coach, we’re here for the parents too!

We have selected five key resources that we believe are essential reading for parents. They will equip parents with the key skills and knowledge needed to enable them to help their children develop and sustain a positive relationship with physical activity during this challenging time.

The valuable pieces of content will give parents a taste of what great coaching looks like and will provide them with no shortage of ideas for creating fun and engaging activities that will keep their kids motivated and keep them moving.




The STEP Model Explained

Our animation will serve as a useful introduction to this popular inclusive coaching model, describing how coaches can use it with their participants




The 'C' System Explained

An holistic coaching model that supports the development of children as performers and as people. The highly effective framework encourages the development of the whole child by focusing on the following components: Connection, Confidence, Character, Creativity, Caring & Compassion and Competence

Developing Physical Literacy


Now have a look at this wonderful video that illustrates the importance of learning how to nurture physically confident children.

Developing Communication Skills


Finally, have a read of this ‘Top Tips’ resource that gives you simple to follow advice on how to improve communication with your children. Because the better you can engage with your children in a ‘coaching environment’, the better the coaching experience for everyone.