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Enjoy Total Peace of Mind With Our Platinum Coaching Membership

With 35 years experience, we’re the coaches’ coach, here to support you with industry-leading insurance cover and to help you navigate your challenges and reach your goals fast. Access multi-sport insurance for 100+ sports and activities, discounts, advice and more.  

Get Protected with Platinum

Protecting Your Reputation

As a coach, your insurance policy is critical to ensuring your well-being and your credibility.

Things can always go unexpectedly wrong when you’re working in sport and physical activity and you need to know that you have security no matter what happens.

From helping you with injuries to protecting you when one of your team boots a ball through a car, our platinum membership policy has got your back; we’re here to give you complete peace of mind. 

A Platinum Level of Support

  • Aerobics
  • Aikido
  • American Football
  • Angling
  • Archery  
  • Athletics  
  • Axeman  
  • Badminton  
  • Basketball  
  • BMX  
  • Boccia  
  • Bowls  
  • Boxercise  
  • Boxing (Amateur)  
  • Camanachd  
  • Canoeing  
  • Cheerleading  
  • Circuit Training  
  • Climbing (Indoor)  
  • Cricket  
  • Cross Fit  
  • Curling  
  • Cycling  
  • Dance  
  • Disabled Sports  
  • Dodgeball  
  • Exercise Class  
  • Fencing  
  • Fit Steps  
  • Fitball Classes  
  • Fitness Classes  
  • Football  
  • Gaelic Football  
  • General Exercise Class  
  • Goalball  
  • Golf  
  • Gymnastics
  • Gyrotonics  
  • Handball  
  • Hockey  
  • Iaido  
  • Ice Hockey  
  • Ice Skating  
  • Inline Skating  
  • Judo  
  • Jujutsu  
  • Karate  
  • Kayaking  
  • Kettlebells  
  • Korfball 
  • Kung Fu  
  • Lacrosse  
  • Lifesaving  
  • Martial Arts 
  • Metafit  
  • Mountain Biking  
  • Mountain Walking  
  • Movement and Dance  
  • Multi Skills  
  • Netball  
  • Nordic Walking  
  • Orienteering  
  • Paddleboarding  
  • Personal Trainer  
  • Pilates  
  • Pole Dancing  
  • Pole Fit  
  • Racquet Ball  
  • Real Tennis  
  • Rebound Therapy  
  • Roller Skating  
  • Rounders  
  • Rowing  
  • Rugby Football League 
  • Rugby Football Union  
  • Running  
  • Sailing  
  • SAQ  
  • Shooting  
  • Shotokan  
  • Skiing (cross country)  
  • Skiing (on-piste)  
  • Snooker  
  • Snorkelling  
  • Snowboarding (on-piste)  
  • Softball  
  • Squash  
  • Stoolball  
  • Strength and Conditioning  
  • Surfing  
  • Swimming  
  • Table Tennis  
  • Taekwondo  
  • Tai Chi  
  • Tchoukball  
  • Tennis  
  • Touch Rugby  
  • Trampolining  
  • Triathlon  
  • Tutoring  
  • Ultimate Frisbee  
  • Volleyball  
  • VX  
  • Wakeboarding  
  • Walking  
  • Water Polo  
  • Water Skiing  
  • Weight Lifting  
  • Windsurfing  
  • Yoga  
  • Zumba 

Coach football? Cricket? Tennis? Swimming? Rugby Football Union or League? 

Access full coverage insurance no matter which or how many sports you want to coach in. Our multi-sport insurance covers you for over 100 different sports and activities, providing an affordable solution to a classic industry problem. 

Protect yourself and coach with confidence – for just over £8 a month.

Officiate? Tutor? Assess? Mentor? Develop coaches? 

UK Coaching platinum membership also has you covered.


Insurance Cover

£10million public liability

£5m professional indemnity

£2m abuse extension indemnity

£100k personal accident

Industry leading cover for coaches that work across multiple sports and activities (100+ covered)

Tutors, assesors, mentors, coach developers and sports officials also covered

£1200 Hospital accomodation and ancillary medical benefits from accidents*

£1200 Physiotherapy and chiropractic costs from accidents*

£500 dental costs from accidents*

View the full policy.

 *Terms and conditions apply


Membership Benefits

All UK Coaching Club Premium Membership Benefits

24 hour legal advice line

24 hour counselling services line

24 hour personal and commercial tax advice line

1000+ practical resources to transform your coaching

All the expert insight of the Coach Learning Framework

Coach Perks – saving you thousands of £££s on everything from your coaching equipment to weekly shop 

Discounts on industry-leading training courses

Online community membership – connect with a diverse range of coaches

And much more!

Protect yourself against damage to property or people you aren’t working with. Public liability insurance covers you for everything from an injured bystander to you accidentally hitting a car with a ball. It’s also a requirement for most gyms and sports centres. 

As someone who offers professional advice to others, whether through coaching, tutoring, mentoring or something else, you need to be covered with professional indemnity insurance. Without this, if a player gets injured, they can claim against you for bad advice.

Protects you from financial liability in case of an abuse accusation by your athletes or clients. For example, if you are accused of physical or emotional abuse, this cover would help to pay for your legal expenses and any potential settlements or judgments.

When you’re running about all day, accidents can happen. And even as an experienced coach, you need to be protected. Our personal accident insurance covers you for everything from minor injuries through to anything more serious; we also provide compensation for loss of earnings*.

*Applicable where stated in the policy schedule

For 12 months' membership (equivalent of just over £8 per month)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Insurance is valid for coaches or officials who hold a certification issued, and accepted as current, by a recognised awarding organisation for the appropriate sport or activity.

  • Multi-skills coaches must hold a Multi-skills qualification from a recognised awarding organisation (eg 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Multi-Skills Development in Sport).

  • Coach mentors must hold a mentoring qualification from a recognised awarding organisation (eg 1st4sport Level 3 Award in Workforce Mentoring) and will only be covered to mentor coaches of sports you hold a coaching qualification in.

  • Tutors must hold a teaching degree or a regulated teaching/tutoring qualification at Level 3 or above, or a governing body specific tutor qualification or licence. In addition, you must have undertaken an appropriate induction into the specialist subject matter to be delivered.

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