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Power Your Coaching With Our Premium Membership

Unlock industry-leading insight, steeped in decades of experience, to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals faster. We’re here to empower you as you empower the people you coach, and to help you handle challenges in and beyond coaching

Power Up with Premium

The Team Behind The Coach

Feeling overwhelmed by parents and need help managing expectations?

Want help with managing behaviour? 

Need support with keeping people motivated, creating a culture of engagement or taking your team's performance to the next level?

Keen to improve your coaching skills and grow your creativity to meet differing needs?

Looking for new ways to keep your clients coming back for more?

Would you like to add more excitement and enjoyment to your sessions? 

Whatever your coaching challenges, with 35 years of experience under our belt, our Premium membership comes with everything you need to overcome them and thrive as a coach.

We offer more than just coaching support though and can help you alleviate pressures in all areas of your life. Think the ultimate on-demand support anytime you need it, anywhere you need it all for less than the price of a cup of coffee a month.

  • 12 months unlimited access to 1000+ coaching tips, guides, downloads and videos, including all of the resources in the Coach Learning Framework. To help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge while gaining confidence.  
  • Save money on coaching equipment, gym memberships, kit and more. Cut up to 50% from partners including Human Kinetics and Coach Logic, get discounts on Apple, Adidas, Nike, and even save on your food shop
  • Gain support and advice on legal matters, tax and counselling
  • Take your skills to a new level with access to industry-leading training 
  • And much more!

Premium Membership Benefits

Industry-leading learning | Expert insight | Practical tools | Big money-saving discounts | Free and discounted learning | Invaluable support beyond coaching | Helpful community

Enhance Your Skills and Achieve Your Goals

12-months unlimited access to 1000+ industry training materials, webinars, videos, professional templates, expert guides and evidence-based coaching tips that will help you transform your coaching

We invest heavily in research to pinpoint the real coaching needs and wants of people of all different age groups, levels of ability and backgrounds. We’re here to help you work out what you want to achieve as a coach… and to deliver on it too.

Our exclusive treasure trove of resources will help you to:

Build Rapport

Discover how to keep it fun, connect, build trust, earn respect and handle tough conversations - with different age groups, including parents.

Grow Physical Abilities

Improve people’s fitness and movement skills safely - at all stages of physical development

Develop Mindsets

Energise the inner motivations of your participants, make self-improvement a habit, instil positive behaviours, attitudes and resilient mindsets. Help them thrive. 

Support Differing Needs

Adapt your coaching to treat people with different needs and behaviours with more understanding. Advice on coaching people living with disabilities, specific challenges, mental health problems or life changing experiences.

Ensure Welfare and Safety

Fulfil your obligations to ensure the safety or well-being of the people you coach particularly children and vulnerable adults.

Plan Ahead

Save yourself some time and improve your participants experience.

Our Sport Psychology Toolkit is one example of the practical resources that will help you elevate your coaching.

The Toolkit is set across eight themes - Drive, Communication, Confidence, Resilience, Identity, Emotional management, Adaptability and Coping with Pressure.

By exploring the themes, you'll learn how to apply psychology in your coaching sessions and how to develop a more flexible, adaptive and resilient mindset that will drive participants to achieve their potential.

It includes:

  • 24 downloadable activities
  • 24 session plans
  • 8 tip sheets, and
  • 8 podcasts.

Get premium membership and over a thousand more resources like this become available to you on demand.

Join today and new practical ideas, tips, and strategies to help you conquer your coaching challenges and achieve your goals quickly will be just a click away!

12-months unlimited access to all of the resources in the Coach Learning Framework, including the comprehensive guides for the nine themes

Along with over 80 coaching experts from around the world, UK Coaching examined the foundations that make up a high-quality coaching environment that is packed with great learning experiences. The result: The Coach Learning Framework.

Comprised of nine themes packed to the brim with evidence-based theory and insight from coach experiences, it can help you to navigate your learning and development and deliver creative, fun and memorable coaching experiences for all.

As a UK Coaching Club Premium Member you would enjoy unlimited access to all of the practical and insightful podcasts, tips, expert opinions, guides, videos, templates, and on-demand webinars within the framework – including the nine bumper guides.

12-months access to industry leading online courses, FREE of charge training and exclusive members-only discounts off a series of programmes that will transform the way you coach

Breaking Down Barriers: Tackling Racism in Sport


Your price: FREE

RRP £12


Learn more about the impact of racism and how to tackle barriers to participation, essential to creating a more inclusive and welcoming physical activity and sporting environment

Understanding Position of Trust


Your price: FREE

RRP £12


Learn more about positions of trust, and how position of trust legislation applies to your coaching and context

Safe to Practice eLearning Series


Your price: FREE

RRP £10 each


Gain you the knowledge you need to create a safe and nurturing environment for your participants, essential to supporting them to achieve their potential.



Concussion Awareness for Coaches


Your price: FREE

RRP £12



Learn more about concussion, its impact on people, and how you can adapt your coaching environment to support people who have a concussion

Creating a Successful Coaching Environment


Your price: FREE

RRP £12


Learn practical strategies to help you have a transformative positive influence on the environment that you coach in

How to: Plan, Coach, Reflect


Your price: FREE

RRP £12



Coach with confidence: Learn how to plan, delivery and evaluate coaching sessions effectively



Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+


Your price: £8 (20% OFF)

RRP £10



Gain the confidence to be able to support people experiencing mental health problems, and help them to thrive inside and outside of your sessions

Safeguarding Adults in Physical Activity and Sport


Your price: £20 (20% OFF)

RRP £25


Safeguarding adults is everyone’s responsibility. Learn how you can support and promote the welfare of adults on this online course, endorsed by CIMSPA

Disordered Eating in Athletes


Your price: £39 (51% OFF)

RRP £80


Enjoy a 51% discount on Loughborough University's evidence-based course and guide to preventing eating problems and identifying and supporting athletes with eating problems



Delivered by subject matter experts, our live monthly Time2Learn webinars on vital coaching topics are jam-packed with practical advice, invaluable tips, and ideas you can use right away in your coaching.

UK Coaching Club Premium Members can conveniently watch or listen to past recordings at a time and place to suit you.

Below is a small selection of previous sessions available on demand.

Our Duty to Care Hub and Digital Badge uses the latest virtual learning tools and advancements in digital technology, including:

  • We have produced a short educational film ‘Where is the Line?’ that explores the complexities of duty to care. Premium members can access a unique digital learning experience that simulates a trainer-led session. Watch replays of the ‘Where is the Line?’ film and be taken on a dynamic guided reflection experience of each pillar of duty to care using our video learning tool – featuring the ‘voice’ of industry experts to guide your learning.
  • Short 15-minute eLearning courses covering key themes associated with the six pillars of duty of care. 
  • Watch recordings of all the Time2Learn Duty to Care Webinars on demand: explore new ideas around duty to care and grow your coaching practice.

Cut Costs and Maximise Savings

Coach Perks – save thousands of £££s on everything from coaching kit & equipment to lifestyle savings on shopping, meals and tech from top brands (such as Apple, Adidas, Asda, Costa, Nike & Tesco)

Coach Perks is an exclusive section of UK Coaching Club's Premium Membership that offers hundreds of ways to save money on everything from equipment discounts to money off your weekly shopping bill.

It's a treasure trove of discounts and money-saving opportunities that can help you save you over £2000 each year*.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what kind of savings you could be making yourself…

You could save twice the annual membership fee of £24 simply on transportation expenses alone! 

This means that Coach Perks will pay for itself in just one month!

Become a Premium member today and hundreds of money saving offers and discounts from big name brands such as those below will be at your fingertips!

*Based on the Office for National Statistics Household Expenditure Report 2020-2021.

**These savings are based on the average discounts across the category. In some cases, there are additional savings to be made, especially if you use Reloadable Cards, Gift Vouchers and Digital Codes on top of sale items and in store promotions.

20% off



20% discount on ‘Staying the Distance,’ Catherine Baker’s book on bringing out the best in yourself and in those you lead

46% off



Enjoy up to 46% off Muhdo's Genetic Health analysis kit, your actionable DNA blueprint to health, performance, and longevity. It can help you to understand your athlete's or client's individual and unique requirements, enabling you to empower them to improve their health outcomes and performance. £119.99 RRP £65 for you. You can also enjoy 20% off DNA Transform. £199.99 RRP £159.99 for you.





29% off



Save £200 on Coach Logic - a collaborative video analysis platform for sports teams. Includes a free trial.

25% off



25% off books from Human Kinetics the authority on physical activity





For coaches and fitness professionals the Physical Preparation Toolkit contains over 150 practical tools to help you deliver effective physical preparation programmes that help people get results.

As a UK Coaching Club Premium Member you'll be able to buy the practical toolkit for just £5 – that's a huge 80% discount! (RRP £25)

The discounted toolkit is your chance to access the ultimate resources for physical preparation. Joining means you will have even more resources at your disposal, with 10 detailed guides and an introduction piece that work in conjunction with the Toolkit already available to you. This comprehensive package will provide you with a thorough understanding of physical preparation, including important concepts and expert insights to aid you in making effective coaching decisions.

Expert Support When You Need It

Get round-the-clock support for legal, tax and counselling issues with our helplines, while legal clinics and consultations offer in-depth support. Whether it's an urgent issue or a longer-term concern, we have you covered.

Free access to counselling services and legal and tax advice from ARAG, a world leader in counselling, legal and tax support.


As a Premium member you can also enjoy a free 30-minute consultation from award-winning law firm Blacks Solicitors with a 10% discount on ongoing services.


Enjoy free access to the online Sports Law Clinic, which provides tailored legal advice and guidance for coaches in collaboration with the University of Sussex on issues including:

  • civil and criminal law disputes, such as claims of negligence/breach of the duty of care
  • safeguarding
  • employment law
  • commercial contracts and intellectual property law
  • charities governance
  • disputes with national sports organisations

Connect with like-minded coaches and enjoy free membership to ConnectedCoaches – our online community – a friendly place where you can chat online with coaches, who share, learn and inspire each other to grow their skills, pool ideas and overcome challenges together.

Plus, unlock a wealth of learning opportunities with our other basic membership benefits, including our popular courses on 'Duty to Care' and 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest.'

Duty to Care



Earn our free nationally recognised Digital Badge by demonstrating your thorough knowledge of the six pillars of Duty to Care. As a Premium member you'll also have access to all the resources within the Duty to Care Hub.

Learn To Save A Life



Learn to be quick, smart and restart a heart with our award-winning life-saving digital learning toolkit





All for just £36 a year, which you'll recoup simply by using Coach Perks for one month alone

We're the club that cares about YOU

Choose premium membership and let us help you navigate your challenges in and beyond coaching with our ultimate support system for coaches at any stage of development

Join the organisation that champions the nation's 3 million coaches​


UK Coaching supports the nations’ 3 million coaches by delivering best practice, training, research and industry standards across sports, communities and national governing bodies of sport. As an active charity for 35 years, each penny you invest into your development, supports the transformation of coaching for the future. We’re here for the coach.

We Care About You


Volunteer Coach | Professional Coach | Club Coach | Community Coach | Talent Development Coach | High Performance Coach | Coach Developer | Exercise Trainers | Fitness Instructors | Activity Leaders | Parent Helpers | Teachers

We embrace all backgrounds, abilities and experiences.

Whatever your role – coach, facilitator, instructor, leader, teacher or trainer – if you’re helping people to be active and improve, you’re part of the coaching family, and UK Coaching Club is the community that can support you and help you take the next steps on your coaching journey.

Whether you volunteer in community sport, work in the talent development/high performance environment or are a personal trainer, all levels of coaches have something to gain from access to all our club has to offer. 

The benefits of joining our Premium membership could be huge: 

  • Superior performance
  • Greater fun at practice
  • Improved mixed-ability groups
  • More people attending sessions
  • Thriving relationships 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Diversity-focused, inclusive coaching
  • Enhanced player decision-making
  • New skills learned
  • New ideas for sessions that inspire you and the people you coach
  • Happier and more fulfilled clients, people and teams

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

For 12 months' access (just 69 a week)


None. There are no hidden catches or fees.

When becoming a Premium Member you have the option at the checkout of:

  1. making a one-off upfront fee of £36 for 12 months’ access, or
  2. selecting auto-renew, a more convenient way to renew your membership
  • No monthly charges on your credit/debit card
  • No charges for a chunk of money later on.

If you choose to make a one-off payment we’ll email you when your membership is due for renewal so you can choose whether to renew. It’s entirely your choice. And if you choose not to take out our membership for another 12 months, your premium membership will cease at the point it expires with no further charges incurred.

If you choose to auto-renew we will still notify you when your membership is due to renew, so should you wish to cancel or switch payment method you will have the opportunity to do so.

It’s as simple as that.

No. We put you in control of what emails you receive from us.

We send premium members a regular email – usually monthly but occasionally, more frequently if we think there is something you’d like to know about. We also email reminders about renewing your membership - before and after your expiry date.

You have the controls to switch off any emails you receive from us though - at any time - in My Privacy.

While we’re not here to make large profits, our resources are not endless either. So, charging an affordable fee for our premium membership service (just 69p per week) helps us to be sustainable so we can continue to pursue our cause of helping to bring the value of coaching to the lives of millions.  

Group Membership

Part of a larger group, club or organisation? 

Sign up your coaching team to a group premium membership today! 


Swim England is delighted to be working with UK Coaching to offer exclusive and unique content to keep our coaches engaged and upskilled through this challenging time.

Gabriella Hay, Head of Membership Development, Swim England


We are constantly looking to evolve our continuing development offer for coaches and volunteers and UK Coaching has a wealth of resources and expertise that we know will have a positive impact on the delivery of cycling activity.

Simon Hibbert, Head of Education, British Cycling