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Coach Communication in Boxing – Round 3: Focus on Words

Word cloud created from research developed in partnership with Amanda Coulson at Boxing England and Dr Kieran File at Warwick University to understand more about coach communication, applicable to combat sports and sports with time outs and breaks between rounds or games

This word cloud shows the most frequently used words by boxing coaches in the one-minute breaks between rounds. The bigger the words, the more frequently they are used. The words that come up the most are "yeah" and "good". This may be because these words can perform a number of functions in talk between rounds.


What words do you find yourself using during the breaks between rounds? It can be hard to remember, so ask a member of your coaching team to listen in or record yourself and listen back.

When you have taken time to reflect on the words that you use, consider if they have impact and articulate what you want the people you coach to hear.



Do you have a common language with the people you are coaching?

Creating and sharing a list of commonly used words or phrases can help with understanding and effectiveness, especially when under time pressure.


Have a go

On your own, with your coaching team or with your athletes create a list of words or phrases that you use frequently and note an explanation or description of what they mean.


Interested in starting from the beginning?

The first resource in this series, Coach Communication in Boxing: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, explores the research underpinning the infographic and includes a downloadable booklet containing practical strategies to maximise the impact of your communication.

Who is this research useful for?

This research was undertaken with and intended for boxing coaches, but a lot of the information and ideas are applicable to many coaches, working at multiple levels of performance and development pathways. It is especially relevant where the sport allows natural short breaks in play, creating opportunities for coach-athlete interaction.

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