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Mapping Support on Your Coaching Journey

The coaching journey map has been designed to help people involved in coaching identify support, navigate challenges, and celebrate success. The map can be used by coaches to reflect, to aid discussions between coach developers and coaches, and by clubs or organisations when considering intentions for the future

This map also creates an opportunity to have a meaningful discussion about the journey you are on and the route you would like to take, understanding the challenges that might lay ahead and how you might navigate through, around and beyond them.

This map is a shared space and realise it or not, it is your coaching world already. The contours of your own environment might look a little different, but the ‘ouch’ moments you encounter and the ‘wow’ moments you enjoy are already on this map. This illustration might help you notice them.

When you navigate the map and consider your own coaching journey, remember that there are no right or wrong answers. You can choose any direction, at any pace, at any time.

The key on the map is there to help you understand some of the points of reference. For example, when you reflect on who or what supports you as a coach, you might look to the signposts (co-coaches, mentors, family members and friends), regional support (people or organisations who are close to you who can offer help) or out to the mountainous landscape of national governing bodies (support that is available, but might not be as easy to access).

The UK Coaching family tree can help you identify people in your network who can support you on your coaching journey.

You can use it to reflect on the people and organisations that you work with and how they can help you (or your organisation) fulfil your potential.

Interested in giving it a go?

Download a blank version of the family tree as a PDF, and start filling it in!

The significance of the different landmarks and terrain

The landscape and terrain of the map creates an opportunity to tell stories and create a foundation for meaningful and contextualised discussions and reflection. As an example, the ocean, rivers, and lakes on the map represent online learning. This could be anything from a documentary about coaching to your favourite podcast. Out at sea, the online learning is at its most pure, but when it filters through the environment it changes.

So, if you find yourself inland and away from the coastal areas, the message may feel and look different to you, and this isn’t a bad thing. It has simply transformed on its journey, making its application for you slightly different.

'Influences on Coach Learning' was designed to help coaches understand some of the components that influence coach learning. You might want to use it alongside the coaching journey map and to support your thinking about how you adapt, adopt or reject new learning.


On the map you will notice some key landmarks, such as the chasm of chaos or the forest of uncertainty. These places can mean different things to different people, so have intentionally been left open to interpretation. But to get you thinking, here is an example of what ‘Mastery Bay’ could mean to someone:

With its warm sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and clear blue water, mastery bay is a beautiful place to be. People who arrive here have gathered much knowledge on their quest. This is a place to lay out a towel, lie back and relax. But beware, the water can be rough here, and if you stay in mastery bay for too long, you may be caught out by the changing tides.”

For a coach, this could mean:

“The adult team I coach has just won the league. It feels amazing. Everyone worked so hard and we all pulled together in a few tough games towards the end of the season. After a well-deserved rest over the summer, I want to do everything the same next season. What could go wrong? It's a proven recipe for success.”

If you look closely, you can see that there are some potentially dangerous shark fins in the water near the bay. Perhaps a sign to say that if you stay in ‘Mastery Bay’ for too long it has the potential to be a little risky.


Take some time to think what this map could mean for you. You might want to save a copy of it on your phone and glance at it just after a coaching session, or when you are out for a walk and reflecting on a challenge you are facing. Then consider how you might use the map to tell stories of your coaching or help another coach work through a challenge. Some of the edges of the map are unchartered and unexplored. Imagine what you could find and learn if you have the courage to explore.


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