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Strategies for Overcoming Common Coaching Challenges

Based on the principles of the Coaching the Person in Front of You workshop, members of the UK Coaching team provide helpful suggestions for coaches dealing with key concerns

Coaches often face situations in which they have little to no experience or that they’re not sure about. It can be nerve-wracking and even demoralising, if the outcome isn’t as expected. The new Coaching the Person in Front of You workshop, now available, offers a new approach that promises to change this for good.

The crux of it is: understand and connect with the person behind the player to help them thrive.

Not only will this help you develop a better relationship with your participants – it will also help you, clarifying your approach, and giving you the confidence to improve and grow your coaching practice.

To explore what this might look like in practice, members of the UK Coaching team were given seven different scenarios to consider. Their responses offer:

  • solutions to coach queries and concerns
  • suggestions as to how to incorporate person-centred principles into your sessions
  • some reassurance that sometimes the best approach is simply an open mind – all based on the principles of Coaching the Person in Front of You.

Find their answers below!

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