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UK Coaching Research Team

Applied Coaching Research Journal: April 2020 Vol 5

The Applied Coaching Research Journal is aimed at everyone interested in extending their knowledge through coaching research and insights. The theme for volume 5 is maximising potential and it includes a selection of research studies that were presented at the 2020 Applied Coaching Research Conference

You can access the full journal on Joomag below, and download individual articles in PDF form for close reading. We hope that they will make a positive contribution to your own research or practice.

Value Creation in the Coach Developer Landscape

Andy Bradshaw (UK Coaching), Dr Don Vinson (University of Worcester) and Dr Andy Cale (University of Worcester)

Exploring Coaching Strategies to Support and Develop Player Decision-making: A Case Study

Mike Ashford, Dr Jamie Poolton and Dr Andrew Abraham (Research Centre for Sport Coaching, Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University)

Effectiveness of Coach Learning and Development Activities for the Performance Foundation Stage

Nicky Proctor, Dr Julian North and Dr Bob Muir (Research Centre for Sport Coaching, Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University)

#CoachMate Connectors: Kallam's Story

Rus Smith (Former Senior Tutor Developer, StreetGames)

Pride in Our Workforce: Understanding the Impact of the Workforce on LGBT+ Participation

Sophie Burton (EnergiseMe), Harry Stow (EnergiseMe) and Dr Daniel Lock (Bournemouth University)

Three-minute Poster Challenge

Dr Lisa Whitaker (UK Coaching)

Book Review: The Sweet Spot - Unleashing Potential in Tennis Coaches, Players & Parents

Authors: Keith Humphrey and Simon Wheatley

Reviewed by: Chris Chapman

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