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Coaching Advice for Young People by Young People

Young coach volunteers offer practical tips on the best ways to engage young participants for success

UK Coaching's Liz Burkinshaw attended the 'Cooperative StreetGames Young Volunteers' (CSYV) conference in Walsall. The CSYV conference was for young people aged 16-25 who are volunteering at doorstep sport projects in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. The theme of the conference was 'Living the Legacy' with the aim of inspiring a generation of young volunteers post-London 2012.

Liz interviewed some of the young volunteers at the conference about their reasons for volunteer coaching and asked what their top tips are for coaching young people.

Top tips

  • Get to know the kids you coach. It makes planning the session easier and more fun.

  • Have fun! Give the kids no option but to come back. Show enthusiasm at all times.

  • Make your instructions clear and precise. Keep it simple. Make sure they understand.

  • Adapt the session for the area and participants. For example, you could offer more classes for young people with disabilities.

  • Ask them what they think, keep them involved and keep checking they’re enjoying it.

  • Join in yourself. Have a laugh. Have fun with the kids.

  • Get the kids to share ideas. Get the kids talking.

  • Respect young people in sport and how they want to play.

  • Have perseverance.

  • Always have new ideas. Use your imagination.

  • Be open minded. Don’t think you’re always right.

Hear what the young volunteers had to say in this short four-minute video.

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