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Ideas for Making Your Sessions More Inclusive

Coaches who want to develop creative methods of adapting and modifying activities to provide disabled people with equal opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity, can learn a lot from the truly inclusive sport of baskin

Baskin is an inclusive sport based on basketball that was invented in Italy in 2002. 

Here is inclusion coach Steve Morley to explain more about baskin, which was designed so that everyone – disabled and non-disabled participants, adults and children, boys and girls – can all play together.

Alexy Valet is a researcher in the fields of Sport, Disability, Inclusion, Innovation, Education, and Adapted Physical Activity at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1. A strong proponent of the sport, he explains that, unlike most sports which are not designed to be particularly inclusive of diverse populations, “with baskin, it is not people that must adapt themselves to an already built sport, but it is the sport that is tailor-made to people.”

As Stephen explains in this short introduction to one of the world’s newest sports, there is still lots of scope for the coach to facilitate simple adaptions and modifications to the rules, playing strategy, equipment and structural environment so that every individual’s needs can be catered for.

The video will help coaches devise their own innovative strategies for creating a more inclusive environment.

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