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UK Coaching Learning Team

Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives

This animation sets out UK Coaching's approach to coach learning, presenting the five key dimensions that are essential for the future of coach development.

Coach learning and development is at the heart of our vision. We want to encourage lifelong learning habits, to empower coaches to take ownership of their own learning and to develop independent and reflective coaches that are responsive to the needs of their participants. We want to support coaches to be the very best that they can be, wherever they work or volunteer, and whatever their
goals or aspirations. We believe that we can only achieve this through adopting a truly person-centred approach to learning.

Accompanying the above animation is the Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives handbook, which sets out our new approach to coach learning and development. It is based on a model of connectivity and presents our primary aims (or key dimensions of learning) that we believe are essential for the future of coach learning and development.

Download a copy below.

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UK Coaching Learning Team