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Building Rapport

Connect, communicate and build positive relationships

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    • Being More Conscious in Engaging People in Your Sessions

    • Coaching for Success: The Team Behind Francesco Molinari

    • Developing Independent Participants

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    • What is Great Coaching?

    • Encouraging Parents to be Part of the Team

    • Strategies for Reducing the Impact of Unconscious Bias

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    • What is Great Coaching?

    • Coaching Children? Make it Memorable... Think Like a Kid!

    • What Motivates Young People to be Active?


Building Relationships

With Athletes

Learn to notice, understand and connect with the people you coach

In Teams

Insight into nurturing friendships, connections and a sense of belonging

With Parents

Recommended steps to build relationships and get parents involved

Free Resource Picks

What is Great Coaching?

It is people that change people and to leverage the full potential of the people at your sessions, your coaching should first and foremost be person-centred

Checklist for Emotional Regulation

Even with a strong understanding of your emotions, it’s important to analyse them regularly. Use this checklist to reflect on situations and your emotional response

Encouraging Parents to be Part of the Team

Gordon McLelland (WWPIS) delivers sound advice and sensible considerations for coaches on building a relationship with parents

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Coaching the Person in Front of You

Great coaching encourages more people to be active more often. Take time to understand and connect with your participants to help them flourish

Why Mastering The Coach-Athlete Relationship is Important

Professor Sophia Jowett of Loughborough University on why great coaches focus on relationships

Why Good Questions are Important

Research has shown that questions that encourage discussion and debate improve engagement and help people learn

Key Skills


Develop practical skills and strategies and access tips and ideas to aid effective communication with the people you coach



What are the people at your sessions thinking and feeling? Compassion and empathy are key to understanding and connecting


Inspiring Stories