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Physical Preparation

Physical preparation is an integral and important aspect of participant development. It provides the foundation for performance at all stages and in all settings.

Coaches and participants have a shared responsibility to prepare the participant to meet the demands and stresses of competition and to cope with training demands.

Effective physical preparation:

  • improves physical activity and sporting performance
  • enhances movement capability and capacity
  • reduces the risk of injury
  • aids the recovery process.

I will prepare and someday my chance will come."

Abraham Lincoln

Experienced coach?

Just starting to consider how you can include physical preparation?

Follow our journey to explore content relevant to you and your goals and consider how learning more about physical preparation can support you to elevate your coaching.

Our series on Physical Preparation follows the 4P model, meaning that each resource in the series:

  1. is practical
  2. is based on underpinning principles
  3. has a clear purpose
  4. gives you the tools to solve the problems you face in your setting.

Introduction to Physical Preparation

The first resource in the series introduces the principles of physical preparation. Learn how to apply these within your sessions and make them relevant and practical for you and your participants in any environment.

Introduction to Physical Preparation in Coaching


Entry Coach: Introduction to Key Training Principles for Sport and Fitness


Building the Basics

Creating a good foundation of physical preparation is crucial: that's the base on which performance grows and develops.

Entry Coach: Applying Physical Preparation Opportunities in the Warm-up


Entry Coach: How to Develop Strong Movement and Mobility Skills


Entry Coach: Understanding Tissue Conditioning


Entry Coach: Understanding Metabolic Conditioning


Next Level Physical Preparation

As you develop your understanding of physical preparation, and evolve the ways in which you apply the principles to your sessions, use the following resources to take your coaching programme to the next level.

Evolving Coach: Understanding What is Needed for Performance


Evolving Coach: Developing Physical Skills to Drive Performance


Evolving Coach: Planning Jumps and Plyometrics Exercises


Evolving Coach: How to Plan Effective Strength Training Sessions


Evolving Coach: Coaching Running Mechanics and Direction Changes


Continue Learning

The Physical Preparation Toolkit

The Physical Preparation Toolkit contains videos, session plans, ideas, and downloads to help you further develop your understanding and use your physical preparation notepads in a way that is relevant to your participants and session outcomes