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Information Sheet on Eating Disorders

The topic of eating disorders is highly relevant to coaches because every coach has a duty to care for the health and well-being of the people they engage and interact with. This extends beyond their physical health to include their emotional and mental health


An understanding of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders should be embedded throughout sport and physical activity at all levels.

By having a deeper awareness of these issues, coaches can learn to become more alert to the subtle signs and symptoms.

Building a good rapport with the people you coach will also help you spot any red flags and will increase the likelihood of your participants confiding in you. 

At the bottom of the page are a number of courses and resources to help you further your knowledge on Duty to Care issues and assist you in dealing with any problems that arise sensitively, appropriately and effectively. 

And remember, your first point-of-call for advice should be your club or organisation’s designated safeguarding officer, or welfare lead, whose responsibility it is to respond to any concerns, which may include signposting a person to appropriate specialist support services.

Download the infographic and keep it handy for future reference.


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Earn our free nationally recognised Digital Badge by demonstrating your thorough knowledge of the five pillars of Duty to Care (Safeguarding, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Well-being)

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