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Male and Female Youth Physical Development Model

This contemporary model is based on evidence that shows that youth participants are responsive to training throughout childhood and adolescence, meaning coaches really can make a difference at all stages of development

Fundamental movement skills (FMS) are prioritised from an early age. This is because rapid development of the central nervous system during this period promotes the development and learning of motor skills. It is believed children will learn skills more easily at younger ages.

Mastery of FMS allows children to progress to the development of sports specific skills (SSS). Where FMS are not mastered, this can lead to a proficiency barrier, preventing children from learning more advanced skills.

The simultaneous development of FMS and strength allows children to demonstrate controlled movements, and underpins all other forms of exercise.

Note: The male model reflects the fact that boys mature later than girls. Similarly, the female model reflects the early physical maturation of girls.

FMS = fundamental movement skills   SSS = sport-specific skills   MC = metabolic conditioning

Light blocks = pre-adolescent periods of adaptation

Dark blocks = adolescent periods of adaptation 

The larger the font size, the more important and responsive to training a physical quality is during the corresponding stage of development.

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