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Rapport Building and Communicating Supporting Specific Needs

Embracing Diversity: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Coaching

In this recording of a Time2Learn session, Director of Pride Sports Lou Englefield explores how to create truly supportive and accepting environments for all

In this recorded webinar, Director of Pride Sports Lou Englefield explores:

  • LGBTQ+ identities
  • the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion
  • LGBTQ+ people and mental well-being
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive coaching practice.

LGBTQ+ identities

At [02:24] in the recording, Lou discusses LGBTQ+ identities and the acronyms that people use within the LGBTQ+ community.

The concept of gender is different for everyone, and each category is independent of each other.

Coming out

At [27:50] in the recording, Lou talks about your role in supporting participants in coming out and the importance of confidentiality.

Creating mental health-friendly coaching environments

At [31:10] in the recording, Lou explores how you can create mental health-friendly environments.


How do you create a mental health-friendly environment for all?

Who can you go to for support if you need it?


Creating inclusive environments

At [34:15] in the recording, Lou discusses the importance of inclusive language.


Do you use inclusive language in your coaching?

How do you challenge gender stereotypes, homophobic or transphobic language and behaviour in your sessions?

How do you create an inclusive environment?



How well do you know the participants you coach?

How will you use this awareness about LGBTQ+ identities to better connect with and understand the participants you coach?


Embracing Your Duty to Care

Learn more about inclusion and diversity and how you can create a welcoming environment by checking out the practical resources in our Duty to Care Hub


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