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Female rugby team lifting their coach on their shoulders in celebration

UK Coaching Week

We celebrated coaches’ instrumental role in accelerating the nation’s recovery following a tough year of pandemic-induced disruption.

Here’s a full rundown of how you can still get involved in celebrating #GreatCoaching, developing your skillset with our Duty to Care Digital badge, and telling your story as part of The Great Coaching Comeback:

  1. Complete your free Duty to Care digital badge
  2. Share your #CoachingForAll story
  3. Follow, join in and share your favourite social posts from the campaign

Learn more about the campaign.

The Great Coaching Comeback



Whatever your sport, whatever your background, whatever your level, we’re here to enable #GreatCoaching for ALL as we return to play

Celebrating Great Coaching and helping the nation’s 3 million coaches share their voice, be heard, and generate the investment they need to reinvent, recover and return to coaching.

Great coaches are key to the nation's recovery post lockdown, by transforming lives and inspiring communities through sport and physical activity.

UK Coaching is driving change across the sector, to enable and facilitate The Great Coaching Comeback.

"As an ambassador of UK Coaching, I'm excited to get behind The Great Coaching Comeback. For the last 12 months, we've been side-lined by the restrictions. Our energy has been stifled, our development limited and our sense of identity almost lost.

"Now's the time to recover and rediscover who we are and what we're best at - facilitating laughter, enjoyment, improvement and human interactions through sport and physical activity.

"As we step back into the arena, let's put inclusivity front and centre of our coaching ethos. There's going to be a lot of people needing our support to recapture their exercise goals. Get to know the people you are coaching and want the best for them, whoever they are. We got this."

Loughborough National Centre Lead Coach and UK Coaching Ambassador Mel Marshall 

The Great Coaching Comeback Survey Results

The first part of our comeback plan was to listen to coaches to better understand what they need to facilitate their return. We will put the results of the The Great Coaching Comeback Survey into practice, across the year, assisting in the delivery of learning and development programmes, and calling upon organisations and the government for support.

The Great Coaching Comeback launched during UK Coaching Week, and will help us to deliver what it is that coaches need to reinvent, recover and reach all those in need of support, across 2021-2022.

Recover and Reinvent by Refreshing your Knowledge of Duty To Care

Underpinning this year's #UKCoachingWeek activity are the principles of Duty to Care (Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health), which is why we asked coaches, partners and sport and physical activity organisations to show their commitment to the five pillars that make up #GreatCoaching.

Coaches: How you can continue to demonstrate your commitment

Earn your Duty To Care Digital Badge – show people your dedication to the five pillars that truly underpin #GreatCoaching: Safeguarding, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-Being.

Earn your badge, share your badge – display it with pride. Prove you have the skills and expertise to be a life-changing leader.

Sporting Bodies: How you can continue to show your support

Show your commitment to the five pillars of Duty to Care: Safeguarding, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-Being.

The fundamental pillars uphold what #GreatCoaching truly is: putting people first.

Official Partners








Tell Your Coaching Story!

We want to show the nation what #GreatCoaching is. Help us to share your lived experiences via our interactive video wall, and share advice on what #GreatCoaching means

We’re building upon some groundbreaking research we released earlier this year, outlining the lived experiences of coaches from different backgrounds, which has led us to showcase what #GreatCoaching really means. It’s not about the type of sport, it’s not about gender, it’s not about ethnicity, it’s not about money, it’s not about whether you're disabled or not – it’s about the people. Great Coaching is about passion, development and people.


UK Coaching Week might be over for another year, but we're still asking coaches to build upon our initial #CoachingForAll video research, and calling out for stories from coaches to bring to the forefront industry standards, career paths, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, mental health and well-being.

We want to hear from volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, high performance coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors; help us paint the picture via our video wall.

  • What is Great Coaching?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Have you faced challenges?
  • How have you overcome adversity?
  • How has coaching transformed the lives of the people you coach?
  • What advice do you have for fellow and aspiring coaches?

Record your own video. Then share it on social media with the hashtag #CoachingForAll, remembering to tag us on Twitter and Instagram.

United, we can make a difference – #CoachingForAll #GreatCoaching.

To give you some inspiration, here's one we made earlier with our very own Coach Programme and Pathway Manager and West Ham FC Performance Coach Jenny Coady.  

Share your #CoachingForAll Story

Get involved by recording your own video

Share your story of what #CoachingForAll and #GreatCoaching means to you

Check out the #CoachingForAll Wall

UK Coaching Hero

UK Coaching Hero Awards

The public vote for the UK Coaching Hero Awards has now closed. 

Votes will now be counted and winners announced later in the summer. 

More details coming soon. 

Free Live Events

We had a jam-packed schedule of free live online events - catch up with them all below

Time2Learn Webinars

Recordings of these sessions will be available on demand exclusively to subscribers of UK Coaching Club.




BOOKINGS CLOSED: Creating a Safe Space for Participation, 12-1pm (GMT) Friday 11 June 2021

Coaches are best placed to create safe spaces and positive environments for people who are experiencing abuse. Presented by Jude Toastland at the NSPCC and UK Coaching Safeguarding Lead Tutor Kam Ravel, this session will explore the key elements of safeguarding, what coaches can do to create a safe environment, and how everyone can play a part in safeguarding. You will learn how to recognise, record and report concerns, and the support available.



Watch back on Facebook our UK Coaching Week Coach-A-Long special   streamed live on 10 June as we explored #GreatCoaching techniques and tactics using clips from the great British movie Wimbledon, with special guest Judy Murray

The UK Coaching Coach-a-long is an opportunity for any coach from any sport to connect, chat and see the lighter side of coaching. Helping us get into the spirit of returning to play, and creating an energised atmosphere, thinking tactics, motivation and actions  with the game plan in mind!

Watch back on facebook 45 minutes of interactive coaching fun with our VIP guest Judy Murray, as we watch Peter, an out-of-form tennis player, get his chance to play in the Wimbledon tournament and recapture his glory – watching key clips and discussing in the chat and on screen with our coaching hats on!

The Great Coaching Comeback Panel


Watch on demand the grand reveal of The Great Coaching Comeback Survey, streamed live on Facebook Monday 7 June



We explored the excitement, the challenges, the learnings and insight into what our nations’ great coaches require to help get the UK back on its feet and moving.

The Great Coaching Comeback Panel included:

  • Mark Gannon – CEO at UK Coaching
  • Emma Atkins – Director of Coaching at UK Coaching
  • Jeanette Kwakye – former British sprinter and sports broadcaster
  • Ladi Ajayi – Active Sport Manager and board member of the Black Collective of Media in Sport
  • Sarah Mortiboys – Managing Director and incoming CEO of Dallaglio RugbyWorks

Monday 7

Getting People Back into Coaching – ‘State of Coaching Survey’

Tuesday 8

Duty to Care: Exploring the theme of diversity and the concept of #CoachingForAll

Wednesday 9

Duty to Care: Shining a light on building #MentalHealth awareness into your coaching

Thursday 10

What coaches need to return to play: focusing on how they can reinvent, recover and reach

Friday 11

Duty to Care: The spotlight falls on the importance of Safeguarding

Saturday 12

Duty to Care: The importance of inclusive coaching, which lies at the heart of #CoachingForAll

Sunday 13

Duty to Care: The importance of well-being, a crucial element of #GreatCoaching


New Practical Resources and Inspirational Stories

Your Country Needs YOU! Practical Strategies to Help Accelerate the ‘Great Coaching Comeback’

Experienced coach, coach educator and mentor Dan Cottrell offers some sage advice to coaches to help them RECOVER and REINVENT at this pivotal time


Cognitive Diversity Key to Better Coaching Environments – for All

Women’s Super League Coach Ali Speechly talks about how diversity in coaching and mental health awareness can elevate any and every coaching environment, improving the experience for everyone involved


Become an Inclusive Coach to Be a Better Coach

GB Visually Impaired Tennis Head Coach Louise Assioun talks about the progress on inclusivity in coaching, the importance of foregrounding it in coach education, and its wide-ranging positive impact on the people you coach


Safeguarding Tri-umph! British Triathlon Makes Successful Transition to UK Coaching

During the pandemic, British Triathlon have kept the doors of learning open and prioritised UK Coaching’s Safeguarding & Protecting Children and Safeguarding Adults training. For UK Coaching Week we spoke to British Triathlon’s CEO Andy Salmon about the pressing need for essential safeguarding training


Unlocked Resources

For UK Coaching Week, we unlocked a selection of the 500+ resources that are usually only available to UK Coaching Club subscribers, who also get industry-leading member benefits and some fantastic money-saving offers.

Why Is It Important to Embrace Diversity Within the Coaching Workforce?

A diverse coaching workforce better reflects the range of communities that coaches work with. We must ensure that a wider range of people have real opportunities to pursue careers in coaching

Learn More

The STEP Model Explained

Useful introduction to this popular inclusive coaching model, describing how coaches can use it with their participants

Watch the Video

Discussing Boundaries in Coaching: Reflections for Coaches

Important considerations for coaches to work through that will enable them to maintain a healthy coach-life balance

Read the Guide

The Power of Coaching in 2021

With the help of Mel Marshall (coach to Adam Peaty) and Emma Atkins (the Director of Coaching at UK Coaching) we investigate the link between #GreatCoaching and leadership and examine how businesses can leverage the skillsets of sports coaches within their organisations

Dive In

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