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Football coach and team of children smiling and high fiving. Words overlaid UK Coaching Week is Moving.

New: Our new downloadable templates are now available and waiting to help you say #ThanksCoach in the most memorable way this UK Coaching Week. Additionally, you can now book your spot on our live, free Time2Learn webinar happening during the week.

UK Coaching Week: The Final Countdown

Get set for the annual celebration of great coaching by preparing your #ThanksCoach messages in advance using our specially designed templates. Come ready to share from 29 April – 5 May!

This year’s celebration is marked by a theme that aims to create lasting impact by igniting thoughtful conversations, cultivating knowledge, and inspiring positive change.

The theme:

Holistic Coaching: Developing Skills for Life.

We will be exploring the meaning of holistic coaching and the positive and profound impact it can have. We will also be encouraging the public and the sport and physical activity community to express their appreciation and gratitude towards coaches by telling us how they, their friends or their family, have developed holistically under their care and support.

UK Coaching Week 2024 Theme

Holistic Coaching: Developing Skills for Life

Holistic coaching is about developing the whole person.

It goes beyond sporting experience, serving as a key to unlocking potential and helping to shape individuals into well-rounded, successful, and resilient people, both on and off the field. 

It transforms lives!

Our mission for the week and beyond is to:

  1. Empower coaches to understand and embrace the value of enriching life skills such as teamwork, leadership, resilience, decision-making, and more.
  1. Encourage the public and the sport and physical activity community to express their appreciation for coaches. It’s crucial that we recognise and celebrate the dedication of those coaches who nurture well-rounded individuals both in sport and physical activity and in life.

Join us in celebrating and promoting the profound impact of Holistic Coaching on individuals of all ages. 

#ThanksCoach: Gear Up to Express Your Gratitude

Prepare to share your appreciation with our #ThanksCoach message templates and find yourself on our #ThanksCoach Wall that links to the templates

This year, we’re calling on the public and the sport and physical activity community to express their appreciation for coaches, especially those dedicated to holistic development.

As we gear up to celebrate UK Coaching Week from 29 April to 5 May, we’re extending a special invitation to everyone – members of the public, the sport and physical activity community, and of course coaches themselves – to start preparing your heartfelt #ThanksCoach messages.

This is more than just a thank you; it’s a celebration of the invaluable life skills that coaches impart and the transformative positive impact that they have on those they guide and support.

For the Public

Think back to the times when a coach made a difference in your life. Was it a word of encouragement, a life lesson, or another memorable moment that stands out?

As we approach UK Coaching Week, we’d love for you to not only reflect on these moments but to let the world know about them too!

This is your opportunity to get creative and prepare a message that not only expresses your appreciation but also encourages others to join in with our #ThanksCoach celebration of coaches.

For Sports Clubs & Organisations

This is your moment to shine a spotlight on the stories about coaches within your community that highlight the power of coaching to transform lives and growth in all areas of people’s lives.

Inspire your members to join in this celebration of fantastic coaching by sharing their own experiences, and to express their gratitude by using #ThanksCoach.

Let’s collectively shine our brightest light on the profound influence coaches have in nurturing talent and shaping futures. 

For Coaches

It’s time to reflect on your journey and the figures who’ve been pivotal in your coaching career. Use this opportunity to acknowledge a mentor or a peer who’s left a lasting mark on your life.

Sharing your story can inspire and uplift the entire coaching community, creating a ripple effect of gratitude and recognition that we know that coaches so richly deserve. 

Below we’ve shared some sample #ThanksCoach messages to spark your creativity, all themed around 'Holistic Coaching: Developing Skills for Life.'

For Coaches & Participants 

  • #ThanksCoach for teaching me it’s not all about winning, but how we work together and understand each other, ensuring that everyone feels valued.
  • #ThanksCoach for giving me opportunities to try new things and build skills as well as confidence
  • #ThanksCoach for inspiring me to be a leader and make a positive impact on others.  
  • #ThanksCoach for empowering me to make decisions in line with my goals, both on the pitch and in my daily life.  
  • #ThanksCoach for listening to me and letting me express myself.
  • #ThanksCoach for making me think about my actions and their effects, teaching me responsibility beyond the game.
  • #ThanksCoach for instilling in me the values of leadership and responsibility. Your coaching has shaped me into a responsible and confident individual.  
  • #ThanksCoach for helping me build resilience, supporting me to bounce back stronger from setbacks.

For Sports Clubs & Organisations  

  • #ThanksCoach for your unwavering dedication to holistic development within our club.  
  • #ThanksCoach for embodying the values and principles that make our club great.  
  • #ThanksCoach for your commitment to developing well-rounded individuals, on and off the field.  
  • #ThanksCoach for caring about the people you coach beyond their sporting skills. 
  • #ThanksCoach for your role in building a strong and positive sports culture within our club.  
  • #ThanksCoach for your leadership and the positive impact it has on our athletes’ lives.  
  • #ThanksCoach for inspiring our athletes to be their best selves. 
  • #ThanksCoach for your hard work in creating a safe and nurturing environment focused on holistic growth.  

For Parents 

  • #ThanksCoach for helping my child develop self-confidence and decision-making skills through sport.  
  • #ThanksCoach for teaching my child the importance of teamwork and cooperation, valuable lessons that go beyond sport and physical activity.  
  • #ThanksCoach for promoting a positive and enriching environment for our children.  
  • #ThanksCoach for respecting my child’s opinions, making their experience more enjoyable and empowering.
  • #ThanksCoach for dedicating countless hours to nurturing our children’s growth.  
  • #ThanksCoach for being a great role model and guide for my child. 
  • #ThanksCoach for making physical activity a fun and valuable experience for my child.  
  • #ThanksCoach for providing a positive and enriching experience for our kids, helping them grow in sport and as individuals. 

New templates and tools are now available to help you express your #ThanksCoach messages with creativity and impact. 

Gear up to share your appreciation from 29 April to 5 May. Every post on social media using #ThanksCoach will be showcased on our exclusive #ThanksCoach wall during the week, celebrating your stories of gratitude. 
Whether through a heartfelt video or a photo displaying your message (using our #ThanksCoach downloadable template), we're here to amplify your voice. 

Let's make this UK Coaching Week a memorable one, filled with stories of gratitude, inspiration, and celebration. #ThanksCoach.

Free Webinar on Holistic Coaching

Join us for an engaging free webinar, ‘Unlock the Power of Holistic Coaching,’ happening during UK Coaching Week.

This webinar will introduce you to holistic coaching, showing you why it’s important and how it can enhance the way you coach, no matter who you're coaching. We've also got interactive activities planned that you can try out right away in your coaching.

Set aside space in your calendar for Friday, 3 May, from 12-1 PM.

Bookings close just before midnight on 2 May, so make sure to secure your spot in time and book today.

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Join us in transforming lives through holistic coaching – where every skill learned is a step towards creating well-rounded individuals, both in the world of sport and beyond.

This UK Coaching Week promises to be an unforgettable journey, and we want you to be a part of it from the very beginning.

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Why the Move?

This year, we’re breaking with tradition and starting the celebration early, from 29 April to 5 May 2024.

Why wait until June to celebrate the brilliance of our coaches? Their dedication, passion, and commitment are truly transformative, leaving indelible marks on the lives they touch, so we couldn’t resist saying #ThanksCoach even earlier this year.

The decision to move UK Coaching Week is a special one-time occurrence, and don’t worry, we still have something special planned for June. There’s a big surprise in the pipeline, a grand announcement that we can’t wait to unveil.

4/29/2024 12:51:24 PM

UK Coaching Week 2024